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  • Hammer tacker constructed from tough Swedish steel
  • Apply staples using a hammer action for high efficiency
  • Heavy, robust unit ideal for warehouse use
  • Can be used for packages, boxes, insulation and attaching labels or linings to timber pallets


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Rapid hammer tacker - 6mm to 10mm leg length
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Hammer Tacker - R11
For attaching waterproof lining or labels to timber pallets or boxes, securing insulation material, roof paper etc.
Uses staples with length 6mm - 10mm
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Hammer tackers are very simple devices which dispense and apply staples using a quick hammer action, for high efficiency. If you are at all confused by this definition, you should watch our video to the bottom of this page, which clearly demonstrates how this innovative product is operated.

Kite Packaging’s hammer tacker is robust, comprises tough Swedish steel and can be used for many different applications. Sealing packages for storage or mailing, attaching waterproof linings or labels to timber pallets, securing insulation materials and affixing materials such as carpet to hard surfaces has never been so quick or so simple.

You will also find a range of different staples for use with hammer tackers within our extensive product catalogue.

Video: Stapling demonstration with a hammer tacker staple tool
The hammer tacker from Kite Packaging is a heavy duty tool used for stapling carpet, lining or insulation to a solid base. See how it is used.

To insert staples, remove spring mechanism from the end of the device.

Slide staples inside the hollow handle.

Replace the spring mechanism to hold the staples in place.

Use like a hammer to staple cardboard or material to timber pallets or boxes.

Also suitable for pinning down thick material such as carpet.