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  • Hand operated stapling pliers also known as 'book staplers'
  • Ideal for general warehousing and office use
  • Useful if you staple large amount of papers or mailing bags
  • Provides a firmer fixing than desktop staplers
  • One model available for heavy duty use
  • General purpose can staple up to 50 sheets of paper, heavy duty can staple 70


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Rapid heavy duty stapling pliers - 8mm to 12mm leg length
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Rapid Heavy Duty Stapling Pliers - R31
  • Powerful stapler for general warehouse use
  • Staple cartons, jiffy bags & up to 70 sheets
  • Uses staples with leg length 8mm - 12mm
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Standard desktop staplers are useful whenever you have a few pieces of paper you need to fix together but should you wish to secure more than around 20 sheets, you will need a much stronger tool. Attempting to use a standard stapler will see you break it and/or waste a lot of staples needlessly.

Our hand operated stapling pliers (also often referred to as ‘book staplers’) are perfect for joining many sheets of paper together – our general purpose model can manage 50 sheets at once and our heavy duty variant 70. These manual pliers are suitable for tougher materials too (e.g. poly bags) and clamping areas of retail and storage packaging that a regular stapler just can’t reach.

Remember that bulk purchases from Kite Packaging qualify for special discounts and so if you need several pairs of stapling pliers for your warehouse or office, be sure to stock up.

Video: Applying staples with stapling pliers
Stapling Pliers from Kite Packaging are used for heavy duty stapling and fixing items together. See how to load and use these tools.

Before inserting staples, remove the spring mechanism.

Slide the staples over the central metal shaft.

Replace the spring mechanism and secure in place using the hook at the bottom.

To use, simply squeeze the handles together. A flat surface is not required.

General purpose pliers are able to staple up to 50 sheets of paper, our heavy duty version can staple up to 70.