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Pallet Boxes (With Pallets)

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  • Pallet Boxes designed for heavy items in transit
  • Can be quickly collapsed for storage
  • Strong double wall stitched corrugated board
  • Heat treated and suitable for export
  • Built to fit into shipping containers without any loss of space
  • Pallet measures 4.7 inches in height (not including the box). 2 way entry.
  • ISPM15 compliant. Click here to download the heat treatment certificate.


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Length x Width x Height Boxes Per Pack Price Per Box Enter No. Of Boxes
(truck load)
Half Container
1100 x 900 x 670mm External
1070 x 870 x 550mm Internal
Unit Weight: 7.9000 kg
5 £28.87 £25.42 £22.42 £17.25 Remove 5 unitsAdd 5 units
Full Container
1100 x 900 x 1020mm External
1070 x 870 x 900mm Internal
Unit Weight: 9.5000 kg
5 £31.25 £27.52 £24.26 £18.67 Remove 5 unitsAdd 5 units
Half Europa
800 x 600 x 780mm External
770 x 570 x 660mm Internal
Unit Weight: 7.7500 kg
10 £23.82 £20.96 £18.51 £14.24 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
Full Europa
1200 x 800 x 780mm External
1170 x 770 x 660mm Internal
Unit Weight: 9.2000 kg
5 £29.23 £25.74 £22.70 £16.17 Remove 5 unitsAdd 5 units

Highly recommended by export companies for the transportation of heavy goods, our cardboard pallet boxes are cap and sleeve pallet boxes manufactured from high quality, durable double wall board. Favoured by hauliers for the distribution of goods via road, rail, air and sea, cardboard pallet boxes are designed to maximise the use of space in shipping containers, and can be quickly and easily collapsed for storage or the return journey.

We offer a selection of rigid pallet boxes for sale, including half and full standard container pallet boxes, as well as half and full euro pallet boxes complete with pallets.

Pallet boxes are designed for heavy items, providing a strong, reliable & protective means of shipping and exporting goods. The size ensures that the made-up pallet boxes will fit onto shipping containers without any loss of space.

Supplied as a composite pack, with a bottom tray mounted on a 2-way entry timber pallet, and a strong corrugated sleeve and cap. The cardboard box is made from strong double wall stitched corrugated board. The wooden pallet has been heat treated and conforms to export standards.

The external sizes in the table are the dimensions when fully assembled, including the wooden pallet. The height of the wooden pallet is 4.7 inches (121 mm)

All of our pallet boxes have the ISPM15 compliant logo stamped into the wood. Click here to download the heat treatment certificate.

Video: How to assemble our corrugated pallet boxes
Pallet boxes from Kite Packaging are large corrugated cap and sleeve containers used for export. See how to assemble them.

The box arrives flat on top of a 2-way pallet.

Remove the lid and unfold the side piece.

The strong double wall stitched side piece fits snugly inside the base.

Add contents to the box and place the lid on top, ensuring it fits snugly over the sides.

We suggest using strapping to secure the pallet box and keep the lid fixed in place.