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  • Simple and cost effective way to prevent over stacking
  • Secure in place with strapping or tape
  • Supplied flat packed
  • Reduce the risk of damaged stock

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Do not stack cones

Kite’s range of do not stack cones are a simple-to-use highly effective product to prevent pallet stacking where potential damage could affect the goods or the integrity of the packaging.

In busy warehouses, distribution and dispatch environments, product storage, handling and even health and safety factors are hugely important considerations in running a successful business. Our do not stack cones provide a low-cost, instantly recognisable way of identifying where products cannot be stacked on top of one and other.

Supplied flat packed, the pallet cones take up minimal space and are designed to be quickly assembled, saving time within your operation.

They can be secured by either placing strapping in the feed-through holes or simply by taping them down to the pallet.

do not stack measurements
Video: Do not stack cones
Watch how to construct our do not stack cones and how they can be used as a warning.

Do not stack cones are a cost-effective way to prevent overstacking of pallets and other objects. Cones are supplied flat packed and can be easily constructed by popping up and folding in the flaps to secure. Once constructed, they can simply be placed on the item that should not be stacked.