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Pallet stillages

Pallets stillages

Pallet stillages are a common product within industrial and warehouse operations and are the number one chosen solution when storing or transporting a range of products. Due to the different requirements of loads and the different products that require storing and easy access, Kite offers a wide range to suit different needs and requirements.

Mesh pallets

A popular product in manufacturing plants, mesh pallets are commonly used for the storage of finished parts and work in progress. Kite’s range consists of open fronted pallets, box pallets, half drop side pallets and detachable pallets, so depending on the access necessary and the style of product being stored will depend on unique requirements.

Post pallets

Post pallets are completely open and simply consist of 4 angled steel corner posts. These are commonly used in a variety of industries, when storing heavy duty awkwardly shaped items. They allow products such as pipes, tubing, large boxes and other units with awkward dimensions to be safely stored and retrieved quickly when needed.

Chute pallets

Free standing or stacked chute pallets are used in a range of industries to meet the demands of storage, handling and manufacturing and are ideal to store a range of products, particularly in assembly environments where lots of small parts are needed.