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  • Lightweight foam pouches ideal for protecting a variety of goods
  • Nonabrasive 1mm thick, high quality foam protects from scratches, vibrations and shock
  • Open end design means goods can simply slip into pouch
  • Convenient pouches can taped shut for a secure closure
  • Available in a range of sizes


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Length x Width Pouches Per Pack Price Per Pouch Enter No. Of Pouches
100 x 135 mm 7700 2.8p 2.6p 2.3p 2.2p Remove 7700 unitsAdd 7700 units
130 x 185 mm 4500 3.0p 2.7p 2.5p 2.3p Remove 4500 unitsAdd 4500 units
180 x 235 mm 2500 3.8p 3.5p 3.2p 3.0p Remove 2500 unitsAdd 2500 units
230 x 285 mm 1700 6.4p 6.0p 5.6p 5.1p Remove 1700 unitsAdd 1700 units
280 x 360 mm 1100 8.4p 7.8p 7.1p 6.6p Remove 1100 unitsAdd 1100 units

Protecting fragile items that are being sent out in transit is crucial, Kite’s range of 1mm thick foam cushion pouches are an effective way of protecting items from scratches, vibration, shock and moisture. They are extremely convenient and flexible, meaning they are ideal for a range of uses.

Suitable for a wide range of products such as electronics, glassware, jewellery and much more, they simply slip into the pouch due to the envelope-style design. They are open at one end and if required can be taped shut.

They are extremely slim, therefore requiring little storage space and are lightweight for reduced shipping costs.

Dimensions in the table above are shown as:

foam pouch diagram