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  • InstaPak system allows you to produce your own moulded foam cushioning
  • Clean, self-expanding foam-in-a-bag which provides the ultimate protection for fragile or high value products
  • Pouches come un-expanded and are activated by applying pressure
  • Choose from a range of sizes, starter kits also available
  • Click here to see a volumetric guide for our foam cushioning

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Instapak Quick RT Starter Kit

Not sure what bag size would be best for your application?

Then try the Instapak Quick RT Starter Kit which contains 2 bags of each size, a pair of protective goggles and full instructions.

Full contents:
• 2 bags of 380 x 460 mm Instapak RT10
• 2 bags of 460 x 460 mm Instapak RT20
• 2 bags of 460 x 610 mm Instapak RT40
• 2 bags of 460 x 610 mm Instapak RT60
• 2 bags of 540 x 680 mm Instapak RT80
• 2 bags of 640 x 690 mm Instapak RT100
• 2 bags of 460 x 410 mm Instapak RT25
• 2 bags of 460 x 510 mm Instapak RT45
• 2 bags of 560 x 510 mm Instapak RT65
• Safety goggles, Full instructions

InstaPak quick RT

Instantly produce your own moulded bespoke foam fittings with these Instapak Quick RT and Quick Tuff RT pouches.

There are times when you need complete, all-round protection for items, and our InstaPak Quick RT and Instapak Quick Tuff RT are ideal for those occasions. The innovative use of expanding foam packaging protects delicate items throughout any transportation process, enabling the sender to have full confidence that items will arrive as well packed as they were when they were despatched. They provide fast, flexible and easy-to-use packaging materials that provide superior protection for your products. They are both ideal for blocking and bracing applications and for producing moulded cushion.

This clean, self-expanding foam-in-a-bag comes un-expanded. The foam within each pouch is activated by ‘patting’ 20 times on each side of the pouch (40 times in total) which triggers a mixing of the foam inside to create the custom mould. The result is bespoke foam fittings that exactly mirror your product, giving the maximum protection and presentation.

Ideal for any fragile, high value or customer-sensitive items, Instapak Quick RT offers high value protection for your high value items. Whilst Instapak Quick Tuff RT offers the same level of protection it is ideal for heavier products. The higher density foam provides durable cushioning and blocking and bracing protection for heavier products.

  • Easy to use (for best results activate bags that have been stored between 18°C to 30°C)
  • Versatile. Protects items almost any size, shape and weight
  • Fast. Expands in seconds to form custom-fit protective foam cushions
  • Convenient - save storage space
  • Pouches are activated by ‘patting’ 20 times on each side

Please note: Quick RT 40 bags have the same footprint as Quick RT 60 bags, but Quick RT 40 has 25% less foam volume per bag.

Click here to see a volumetric guide for our foam cushioning.

Video: Introducing InstaPak Quick RT expanding foam protection
A demonstration on how to use our InstaPak Quick RT expanding foam

InstaPak quick RT foam from Kite Packaging expands to fill voids around your product and offers the best protection. Simply lay the pack out completely flat with the 'A' and 'B' side facing towards you. Press down firmly on 'A' using your palms until you hear a 'pop' sound. This has activated the foam. Pat 'A' and 'B' back and forth around 20 times each side to trigger the expansion. As the pack begins to heat and expand, immediately place it into the box along with the product. The foam will create a custom, protective mould around the item. With your product in the first mould, repeat the process and add a second on top for all round protection. The pack will once again expand around the item. When finished, it will be ready to send.