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  • Available in a 14, 16, and 20 inch width
  • Handcrafted from split willow for greater sustainability
  • Vegan leather hinges and straps
  • Buckled straps ensure secure closures
  • All hampers come with an outer shipping box
  • Perfect for use with our shredded paper and Hivewrap

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Wicker Hamper Boxes

A perfect blend of functionality and craftmanship, our dark brown wicker baskets are a timeless classic for any gifting occasion. Handcrafted from split willow, these hampers are finished with vegan leather straps and hinges. This adds a touch of rustic elegance to the presentation of gifts whilst upholding a commitment to sustainability so you can rest assured our baskets are animal and cruelty-free.

Wicker hampers are lightweight, sturdy and incredibly durable. This ensures items remain safely nestled within the hamper ready for shipping when packed with your choice of wood wool or shredded paper. Their closed lid creates an element of excitement and anticipation for the end consumer, much like when unboxing parcels, while the buckled straps ensure secure closures.

Our hampers are finished to an exceptionally high standard, not only exuding luxury, but also reusability. This adds greater value to the act of purchasing from your establishment as the end consumer can reuse the hamper for gifting, storage, or anything else. A perfect addition to Kite's gift packaging range.

How much shredded paper do I need to fill my hamper?

Based on half filling (to leave room for your product) 1 box of each type of our shredded paper range (shredded tissue, Shredpak & ZigZag), how many hampers can it fill? Use our guide below to find out!

Hamper sizeHamper dimensionsShredded tissue (1 x 6kg carton)Shredpak (1 x 10kg carton)ZigZag (1 x 10kg carton)
14 Inch360 x 270 x 160 mm109 hampers filled100 hampers filled63 hampers filled
16 Inch405 x 305 x 205 mm67 hampers filled61 hampers filled39 hampers filled
20 Inch510 x 380 x 255 mm34 hampers filled31 hampers filled20 hampers filled

14 Inch Wicker Hamper Basket

Our 14 inch wicker basket is perfect for medium-sized gifts, fitting a bottle of wine and 2-4 other medium-sized items.

The internal dimensions for this hamper are 360mm x 270mm x 160mm.

16 Inch Wicker Hamper Basket

Our 16 inch hamper box is also perfect for medium-sized gifts, fitting two wine or champagne bottles along with 3-5 moderately-sized items.

The internal dimensions for this hamper are 405mm x 305mm x 205mm.

20 Inch Wicker Hamper Basket

Our 20 inch wicker hamper is ideal for medium to large-sized gifts, comfortably fitting two wine bottles and 4-7 items inside.

The internal dimensions of this hamper are 510mm x 380mm x 255mm.

What is split willow?

Split willow refers to a technique which involves cutting the willow stem in half, resulting in a flat and rounded side. When used to weave wicker hampers, or baskets as they are also known as, the rounded side is positioned on the exterior, while the flat side sits on the interior. As a result, less material is used, effectively reducing the environmental impact of an already inherently sustainable product.

This method aligns with eco-conscious practices by maximising the use of each willow stem and contributing to a more resource-efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing process.

What can be packaged in a wicker basket?

Wicker baskets are versatile and can be used to package a wide range of items, from gourmet foods, wines and chocolate, to spa products and seasonal gifts. Once they have served their initial purpose as a hamper, they can also be reused by the end consumer for a range of functions, including as picnic and storage baskets.

Are wicker baskets eco-friendly?

Wicker baskets are incredibly eco-friendly as they are handwoven from willow which is a rapidly renewable resource. The cultivation and harvesting of willow involves fewer environmental resources and chemicals, and once hampers reach the end of their lifecycle, they decompose without leaving a lasting environmental impact.

Each basket is handmade and therefore unique, as well as being more sustainable than mass-produced, machine-made alternatives.