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Shrink wrap

What is shrink wrap used for?

Shrink wrapping is a form of protective packaging that seals around objects ranging from mobile phones to oversized pallets. By applying a heat gun to the film, the material appears to shrink to fit the form of the contents. When packaging smaller objects, a heat sealer can then be used to securely close the opening. This grants a waterproof seal and protection against scratches or other types of damage.

Our polyolefin heat shrink film is also food safe, meaning that the wrap can be used to preserve foodstuffs from contamination by outside factors. A benefit of this material is its recyclability, making it a more eco-friendly option than PVC shrink film.

Applying shrink wrap around a pallet of goods, however, is useful for considerably increasing the load stability when the pallets are moved. Moreover, the thickness and strength of the protective packaging offers shielding from the elements if the pallets are stored outside. The high density polythene of the films designed for use with pallets is specifically manufactured to withstand significant weight and maintain safety during transportation.

What is another name for shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is also commonly called shrink film, polythene film, heat shrink film or heat shrink wrap. The term ‘shrink covers’ is also used if they are the type that is specifically moulded to fit over pallets. The shrink wrap that appears on a roll dispenser can be called continuous tubing and can be cut to any height to suit large or uneven loads.

What is the difference between plastic wrap and shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is a type of plastic wrap with considerable strength and the ability to be shrunk around an object and heat sealed. This makes it well adapted to its common protective packaging applications.