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Shrink wrap

Heat shrink wrap

We stock a range shrink wrap films to suit any application.

Our 15 micron thick Polyolefin heat shrink film has an extremely high clarity, making it the perfect choice for point of sale packaging. It is environmentally friendly compared to PVC shrink film, and can be processed through standard recycling systems. Polyolefin shrink wrap film is high strength, food safe and available in widths from 400mm to 1000mm.

We also stock polythene film for shrink wrapping pallets. Manufactured from thick polythene, our polythene shrink offers strong protection when wrapping both heavy and irregular shaped loads.

Pallet shrink covers offer a tailored solution for covering, securing and protecting pallets. Manufactured from a strong high quality polythene shrink material they are used in conjunction with one of our pallet shrink gun systems. When the heat source is applied the material shrinks tightly and securely around your pallet of goods. Not only does this give load stability when the pallets are moved but the thickness and strength of the polythene material gives peace of mind that pallets being stored outside are protected from the elements.