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Corrugated Pallets and Runners

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  • ISPM15 exempt
  • 100% recyclable
  • Strong, lightweight alternative to wooden and plastic pallets
  • No staples, splinters and mould free
  • Reduced transit cost due to lightweight


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Description Units Per Pack Price Per Unit Enter No. Of Units
1 Pack 2-4 Packs 5+ Packs
Corrugated Pallets - Full Container, 1200 x 1000mm - Pack Of 5
Full Container
1200 x 1000mm
5 £10.65 £9.83 £9.13 Remove 5 unitsAdd 5 units
Corrugated Pallets - Full Euro Size, 1200 x 800mm - Pack Of 5
Full Euro Size
1200 x 800mm
5 £9.65 £8.90 £8.28 Remove 5 unitsAdd 5 units
Corrugated Pallets - Half Euro Size, 800 x 600mm - Pack Of 5
Half Euro Size
800 x 600mm
5 £7.02 £6.46 £5.97 Remove 5 unitsAdd 5 units
Pallet Runners - 1000mm x 90mm x 120mm - Pack Of 10 Pallet Runners
1000 x 90 x 120mm
10 £2.15 £1.98 £1.84 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
Pallet Runners - 800mm x 90mm x 120mm - Pack Of 10 Pallet Runners
800 x 90 x 120mm
10 £1.87 £1.75 £1.63 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units

Corrugated Pallets

Corrugated pallets are a lightweight, strong, 100% recyclable product and a great alternative to wooden and plastic pallets. Designed for shipping products, this lightweight pallet will save you money on transport costs, allowing customers to carry more weight on each load which will lead to fewer journeys. The top deck consists of 25mm thick honeycomb, with a top and bottom wet strength liner.

The corrugated material is glued together meaning there is no need for nails, and splinters are also a thing of the past with these pallets being purely corrugated cardboard and glue. These boxes are stronger than cardboard, yet lighter than wooden crates and are quick and easy to build.

Pallet Runner

Kite’s range of 100% recyclable pallet runners are the perfect alternative for replacing wooden or other kinds of plastic runners. They are ISPM15 exempt, meaning they can be sent anywhere in the world without the need for heat treatment and are formed with spiral wound tubes, caged with a 7 layer profile, bonded with PVA adhesive.

The runners are the ideal solution if you want to keep corrugated boxes off the floor or use them in the same way you would a pallet, i.e with a pump truck or forklift, you simply glue the pallet runners/feet to your box using a glue gun. They can also be combined with a range of sheeted material (corrugated sheets for example) requiring pallet separation.

Technical Specifications

Corrugated Pallets
Size Full Container Full Euro Half Euro
Deck (+-3mm) 1200 x 1000mm 1200 x 800mm 800 x 600mm
Runners ( +-2mm) 190 x 90 mm
9 off, 2 cores
190 x 90 mm
9 off, 2 cores
600 x 90 mm
3 off, 6 cores
Height 146mm
Weight 4.78 kg 4.1 kg 3.44 kg
Pallet entry 4 way 4 way 2 way
Max Load (1) 750 kg
Stacking (2) 750 kg
Open Rack (3) 500 kg 500 kg n/a
Resulting Dynamic Load (4) 675 kg

(1) Load detail is based on a boxed product in a brick stacked formation distributed evenly across the entire deck surface and stretch wrapped

(2) Maximum downward compression strength when on the floor or a similar flat surface

(3) Maximum recommended load, based on (2), in open beamed racking systems – based on UK ambient temperature and relative humidity in indoor storage for up to six months duration

(4) Allows for 10% above maximum load for accelerated load effect when in transit