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  • Environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap
  • This paper is 100% recycled, and is also 100% recyclable with biodegradable materials
  • Made with deep indentations during the manufacturing process, meaning it is the strongest product of its type
  • Highly absorbent properties to protect against harmful, external factors
  • Available in a range of width sizes and sold in single rolls
  • Due to the recycled properties of our paper bubble wrap, it has a slight odour

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Paper bubble wrap

Calling all eco-conscious minds, our eco-friendly paper bubble is the ideal, internal, protective packaging. For those currently using traditional bubble wrap and looking to make an environmental switch without compromising on protection levels, our paper bubble wrap is the perfect sustainable solution. It’s an effective alternative which provides quality cushioning for your goods as well as strengthening your eco-friendly pack room operation. This paper is 100% recycled, and manufactured from recyclable and biodegradable materials. All sizes are 125gsm with a 300mm diameter and 3mm indentations. 280mm diameter rolls. Due to the recycled properties of our paper bubble wrap, it has a slight odour.

Our environmentally-friendly paper is suitable for a variety of packing applications, including fragile, delicate and expensive items such as pottery, glass, frames and more. This innovative bubble wrap also fills interior spaces in packages and boxes, minimising the chance of internal damage and ensuring sufficient protection in transit and storage.

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Our range of paper bubble wrap and how it can be used.

Our paper bubble wrap is made up of 100% recyclable, recycled and biodegradable materials. The deep indentations in the paper make great protection for delicate, fragile and expensive goods. Simply roll as much as required, tear and tightly wrap around the item. Additional tape can be used to ensure an all round secure package. This environmentally friendly paper can also be used to line boxes for extra protection. Make the switch to paper bubble wrap, a sustainable alternative to plastics.