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Bubble wrap bags

Bubble bags

Any company that has a high throughput of small items needs to have confidence in its packaging, and that's why our bubble wrap bags are popular in a variety of industry sectors. Whether you're sending jewellery, books or batteries, you'll be able to find the ideal bubble bags to suit your needs.

Our standard bubble bags are ideal for protecting small to medium products. The bags are manufactured from tough bubble wrap with an extra layer of film to keep the bubbles inflated longer and maximise padding. Our antistatic bubble wrap bags are similar, however, are ideal for protecting electrical equipment against static as well as transit damage such as impact and shock. For ease of identification, our anti-static bubble bags are pink in colour. Because of the various sizes we have available, our bubble wrap bags are versatile as well as durable.

Our arofol, Jiffy Airkraft, metallic envelopes and weather mailers are all bubble-lined, meaning they have an extra layer of padded protection. Bubble lined envelopes are light, yet are made from durable, strong materials. Be confident when sending delicate items in the post, see more information on our bubble lined mailers on their dedicated product pages.