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Bubble Wrap Bags

Bubble Wrap Bags

Any company that has a high through-put of small items needs to have confidence in its packaging, and that's why our bubble wrap bags are popular in a variety of industry sectors. Whether you're sending bracelets, books or batteries, you'll be able to find the ideal small bubble wrap bags to suit your needs.

And for larger items such as delicate china, we also have a range of large bubble wrap bags that will help you to get the job done. There are so many advantages to using our reliable and hard-wearing products, including:

  • Wide variety of sizes to choose from
  • Peel and seal adhesive strip for security
  • Manufactured from 30 micron film
  • Co-extruded barrier bubble wrap
  • Highly affordable prices

Because of the various sizes we have available, our bubble wrap bags are versatile as well as durable.

If you're planning to send any small electronic components, you need to be aware of the potential damage that static can cause. Because of this possibility, we recommend our anti-static bubble bags. They provide all the protection your delicate consignments need, of course, and will also prevent a build-up of harmful static electricity. For ease of identification, our anti-static bubble bags are pink in colour.

For added value, we offer a range of impressive price reductions for customers who wish to place bulk orders. When you need the finest protection at a price you can afford, all you need is to have Kite Packaging on your side.