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  • Offers optimal all-round protection to long or delicate objects
  • Made from recycled materials and recyclable after use
  • Eco-friendly alternative to lay flat tubing
  • Excellent for furniture, tools, pipes and sections
  • Roll configuration allows for customisable lengths

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What is cardboard tubing?

Our corrugated solution offers a sustainable alternative to plastic lay flat tubing and can be easily folded to form the three-dimensional tube structure once your required length is cut off. The durable cardboard holds its shape, granting strong-wearing protection to each side of the object inside. The scored corners make assembly near instantaneous in addition to creating forces of tension designed to defend the contents from any impact that may occur in transit. Adjust the angles of the corners to best cover your product; this cardboard tubing is easily adaptable to suit a wide range of different shaped products with a comfortable fit.

What specifications does the paper have?

This form of cardboard features a B Flute corrugation comprised of Test (recycled) paper with a thickness of 120gsm. This partners a strong focus on sustainability with a practical level of protection suitable for a variety of items.

What are the tubes for?

These angular cylinders are ideal for long, slender products that warrant extra protection. That said, they can be cut to whatever length you choose, meaning that small, narrow items can also be reliably protected with this packaging. Furniture manufacturers may utilise this corrugated solution to safely transport particular parts such as table legs, while a plumber may store pipes, tools or other sections within these corrugated lay flat tubes. Due to the customisable length provided by the roll, this is a versatile packaging product suitable for use by an assortment of different industries. The classic cardboard exterior provides safe shipping or a sturdy storage solution to protect items within a warehouse. 

Is cardboard tubing environmentally friendly?

Kite’s cardboard tubes are made from recycled materials that have been sustainably sourced and can be recycled themselves after use, demonstrating the smooth running of a circular economy. This corrugated postal packaging can be considered to be an eco version of plastic tubing, increasing the green credentials of your business while making a difference to our planet. 

What sizes are available?

Kite offers three different sizes so that you can find the best fit for your specific purposes. Choose the smallest possible tube to ensure a tight fit that minimises movement within a box, hence reducing the chance of damages occurring and saving money.