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Paper tapes & dispensers

Self-adhesive paper kraft tape

Self-adhesive paper tape is a popular alternative to gummed paper tape as it requires no water, giving you an instant long-lasting natural acrylic adhesive which sticks to all carton surfaces. It can easily be torn by hand, has high elasticity, high heat and cold tolerance and a very high tear resistance once applied. It is used for sealing boxes, envelopes and a range of other various products.

Widely used in the crafts and framing industry, with picture framers applying it to the back of frames as part of the border/framing process. For this reason, Kraft tape is often referred to as 'framing tape' or 'framers tape'. Because the material is pliable with a very strong adhesive property it is ideal for applying to uneven surfaces and is used regularly by book binders.

Gummed paper tape

Not only is it 100% recyclable, making it the environmentally friendly choice, gummed tape creates much more than a surface seal. Activated by water, gum tape penetrates into the fibres of the cardboard rather than just the surface to become an integral part of the box. This penetration allows gum tape to provide a tamper-evident seal, and the tape cannot be removed without leaving behind significant traces of damage. Brown gummed paper tape ages better than other standard packing tapes, and boasts a resistance to variations in temperature and humidity, making it the ideal choice for exportation. Unlike other adhesive tapes, gummed paper tapes can even be used effectively in dusty environments, high humidity and deep freeze conditions.

Gummed paper tape dispensers

A gummed tape dispenser moistens the tape as it is dispensed, leaving it ready to use. We stock a basic pull and tear dispenser for gummed tape, as well as a selection of automatic models that will dispense, moisten and cut the tape at pre-set lengths. Automatic gummed paper tape dispensers can cut and dispense an individual pre-programmed length, allowing for high-speed packing as well as improving productivity in a busy packing operation. Our machines accept both gummed-side-in and gummed-side-out tapes.

Masking tape

Made from thin paper that can easily be torn, with a pressure-sensitive low tack adhesive. The tape can easily be removed from most surfaces without leaving residue or causing damage. Excellent resistance to water and solvents, and great for outdoor use and decorating as it reduces the risk of bleeding or surface damage. Heat resistant. Easy clean and removal.