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  • Reusable, recyclable and domestically compostable
  • Adds protection to lightweight objects
  • Attractive solution tailored toward beauty, retail and gift sectors
  • Manufactured in the UK at a carbon neutral facility
  • Dust extracted during production
  • Responsibly and sustainably sourced paper
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What is shredded tissue?

This shredded void fill is acid free, bleed resistant tissue paper cut into thin 2mm strips. The luxurious gift wrap arrives densely packed to provide a degree of protection to the item being packaged but can be easily pulled apart into handfuls for a more scattered appearance throughout a box.

When should I use shredded tissue paper?

This lightweight product is recommended for use when packaging items up to and including the weight of an egg (approx. 70g). If an item exceeds an egg in terms of weight, then the client should switch to either our ZigZag or ShredPak shredded paper for their presentation packaging. This is to ensure that a suitable amount of protection is being granted to the parcel so that it arrives in the attractive and immaculate condition in which it was initially packed.

In terms of usage, Kite’s shredded tissue paper is a versatile resource that can act as effective void fill, occupying the space in a box surrounding one or several items. This prevents movement within the box, both minimising the chance of damages and keeping each object in the same position it was packed in. Secondly, this tissue can be wrapped around an object due to its nature as densely compact. Both uses produce aesthetic results that will delight an end customer.

Why should I use shredded tissue packaging?

The primary appeal of this packaging is its ability to considerably elevate an unboxing experience. Tissue is heavily associated with gift wrapping, making a customer more likely to view your product as higher value and worthy of being given as a present. Alternatively, this premium experience is the ideal treat for oneself. Overall, a greater, more quality service is provided with the simple addition of this low cost packaging option.

Who is shredded tissue paper for?

For the reasons outlined above, almost any business supplying small, lightweight items will benefit from the attractive qualities of this black or white cushioning material. However, industries that particularly gravitate toward these solutions include health and beauty sectors, food and drink vendors, candle companies, bakeries, spa’s, hamper companies or department stores. Many industries seasonally sell gift baskets and would similarly require soft shredded tissue to help their offering to stand out. Overall, any business that strives to offer a luxurious experience to their end customer will find pleasing flourishes such as shredded tissue to be indispensable for securing repeat custom.

Is the tissue paper environmentally friendly?

Our tissue paper prides itself on demonstrating the height of sustainability by being recyclable and domestically compostable after use. Many customers may wish to reuse the paper to extend its life further, though if it is to be disposed of, you can rest assured that no harm need be caused to the environment. By being both commercially and domestically compostable, the recipient can put the gift wrap into their own compost bin at home where it will decompose naturally into non-toxic compounds.

Furthermore, the tissue is sustainably sourced to express green credentials throughout its lifespan, with PEFC certification as testament to this. Compromise on neither your eco-friendly values nor your desire to provide exceptional service to your customer base.

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