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Standard Warning Printed Tapes

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  • High quality printed tapes to inform handlers of package contents
  • Easy to read warning messages to highlight fragile or quarantined goods
  • All tapes are 'low-noise' - ideal for busy warehouses
  • Printed in RED TEXT on white polypropylene
  • 66 metre long rolls, 48mm wide (2 inches)
  • FRAGILE print also available on PVC tape


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Fragile Printed Tape 6 £1.01 69.7p 56.7p 45.7p Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
PVC Fragile Printed Tape 6 £2.06 £1.99 £1.68 £1.55 Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
Handle With Care Tape 6 71.9p 66.7p 61.2p 51.4p Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
Contents Checked & Security Sealed Tape 6 71.9p 66.7p 61.5p 51.4p Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
This Way Up Printed Tape 6 71.2p 66.0p 61.2p 51.4p Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units

About Standard Warning Printed Tape

Clearly and easily mark packages with warning messages using our standard printed tapes. With a variety of standard warning text to choose from, you can ensure your products are not inadvertently damaged by handlers.

Should you require a tape with a personalised message, you should investigate our custom printed tape option.

Kite's Range of Standard Printed Tapes

All our standard printed tapes are low noise, and therefore are a great choice for busy operations where noise reduction is important. The clear red text on these tapes are hugely important when shipping goods that require handling in a certain way.


  • Material/Carrier - White polypropylene, low noise tape.
  • Adhesive - Acrylic (general purpose, not suitable for cold temperatures).
  • Text - Choice of messages including 'FRAGILE' and 'THIS WAY UP', printed in attention-grabbing red.
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) width and 66 metres long.
  • Also Available - ‘FRAGILE’ tape in a PVC material, which offers additional strength and resistance against stretching, punctures and tears.It can also be torn by hand, unlike polypropylene tapes.
Video: Printed Tape Demonstration Video
View our range of printed tapes and how they may be used.

Kite sells printed tape with several standard warning messages.

All are printed in a bold red font on a white background to ensure the message is clear and legible.

Our fragile tape is available both in standard polypropylene and premium vinyl PVC.

It is a great way to seal boxes containing delicate and breakable items.

If you want to add your own message, try our custom Printed Tape option.