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  • Clear polypropylene and Kraft paper machine tape for a continuous taping operation
  • Hotmelt and acrylic adhesive options available for efficient sealing every time
  • Polypropylene version is supplied on a 990 meter long roll, 48mm in width
  • Kraft version is supplied on a 500 meter long roll, 48mm in width
  • Compatible with our range of carton sealing machine's

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Machine applied tape

What is machine tape compatible with?

Machine applied packaging tape is specifically designed for use with our carton sealing machines. Carton sealing machines use automation to significantly increase packing efficiency, making them essential in continuous packing operations. With different versions to scale toward your output, they are versatile machines with a wealth of potential to aid growth. These machine applied tapes feature a 75mm core which makes them compatible with most varieties of carton sealing machine. Machine tapes differ from other tapes primarily on account of their considerably increased length of product, reducing the frequency at which tapes would have to be replaced, hence reinforcing the superior efficiency of the packaging.

What are the different adhesives used on the tapes?

At Kite, we supply three varieties of machine tape which utilise three different types of adhesive. Firstly, a strong water based acrylic is available that provides high quality stick and operates best at temperatures of +15C to +65C.

Secondly, hotmelt adhesive is available and benefits from a higher tolerance to colder temperatures. If boxes are likely to be stored or transported in environments with a low average temperature (+5C to +15C), then tape with a hotmelt component performs best.

The third machine tape, our paper variety, uses a hotmelt solvent hybrid to provide similarly impressive adhesivity in colder conditions.

What is paper tape?

Paper tape differs from our polypropylene tapes by being made of kraft paper and hence, providing a more environmentally friendly sealing option. It is also FSC certified meaning the raw material is from a sustainable source. The plastic versions are more difficult to process at recycling centres as large non-recyclable elements attached to card can clog up machines. In contrast, paper tape is able to be recycled along with the main packaging material, increasing customer satisfaction and helping your business to achieve its plastic-free aspirations.


  • Material/carrier – Polypropylene (28 micron)
  • Adhesive – Hotmelt
  • Core size – 75mm (industry standard)
  • Colours – Available in clear only
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) wide/75mm and 990 metres long
  • Material/carrier – Polypropylene
  • Adhesive – Acrylic
  • Core size – 75mm (industry standard)
  • Colours – Available in clear only
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) wide/75mm and 990 metres long
  • Material/carrier – Kraft paper
  • Adhesive – Hotmelt/Solvent hybrid
  • Core size – 75mm (industry standard)
  • Colours – Available in Kraft only
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) wide/75mm and 500 metres long
  • Maximum working weight - 15kg (please contact us if your requirements are above this weight)

Also available - we sell a range of fantastic carton sealing machines that are compatible with these tapes, sealing up to 30 boxes a minute automatically.

Video: Machine applied packaging tape
Watch our video featuring our full range of machine applied tapes