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  • Brown gummed paper tapes in 60gsm and 130gsm, for sealing cartons and envelopes
  • Choose from standard strength for general purpose or reinforced for extra strength
  • Can be fully recycled with board once used, and is bio-degradable
  • Tamper-evident and suitable for both cold and ambient temperatures
  • Water activated, it must be used with a gummed paper tape dispenser

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Gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape has increased in popularity with the rise of e-commerce and fulfilment operations due to the number of benefits it offers over standard packaging tape. It is made from a combination of natural paper and starch, which means it’s incredibly environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. The natural adhesive is incredibly strong and allows the box fibres to bond with the paper tape, to create a seal that is virtually impossible to tear off once applied.

The secure seal provides strength to a carton as it bonds, and performs extremely well in different temperatures. Gummed paper tape has a high heat and cold tolerance, so can be used when exporting goods abroad to hot or humid places, as well as storing goods in deep-freeze conditions.

In terms of cost there is very little waste when using gummed paper tape, as the minimal amount of tape needed is dispensed to create a seal, leaving no waste to trim. It is particularly effective for purchasing departments ordering packaging, as good estimations can be made regarding the volume of tape needed per annum due to the exacting nature of how it is dispensed.

Gummed paper tape is now a preferred sealing option of many fulfilment operations, not only due to its environmental and performance benefits but also because it creates a uniform looking package that is incredibly difficult to tamper with.

See below for more information about the different types of gummed paper tape available. All tapes have a water-activated adhesive, and therefore must be used with dispensers that are designed to moisten, dispense and cut the tape as required. You can purchase dispensers here.

Standard tape

Available in 60gsm paper thickness, all our standard tapes are 200 metres long to reduce the number of roll changes and brown in colour.

Standard gummed paper tape is ideal for pre-pack work, small packages and bulky envelopes. You can choose from 48mm wide and 70mm wide tape depending on the size of your parcel.

Fibre reinforced tape

Available in strong 130gsm paper and with the gum side in, reinforced gummed paper tape is made with extra strong 3-way glass fibre yarns. This makes it extremely strong and completely unaffected by extreme temperatures. Available in 46mm and 70mm widths, it comes on 100 metre long rolls and is brown in colour to blend in with your cardboard boxes to create a smart, clean looking package.

Reinforced tape is favoured by fulfilment operations sending larger parcels, and fulfilment houses where security is of the highest importance.

Gum side in

All of our tape dispensers can be used with our gummed paper tapes. The key thing to consider when choosing which side the gum is on is how to insert it into the dispenser; the gummed side must always be facing the brushes so it can be moistened and the adhesive is activated.

Video: Difference in adhesion between gummed paper tape and standard tape.
See how standard tape is easily removed from a box, whereas gummed paper tape forms a more permanent, fibre tearing bond.

When standard packaging tape is applied to a carton, the adhesive sticks well.

However, once the edges have come away it can be peeled off quite easily, with some damage left behind.

Gummed paper tape has a natural starch adhesive that bonds to box fibres to create a super secure seal.

It is incredibly difficult to peel off, and leaves behind significant damage to the carton.

If someone was to tamper with a box sealed with gummed paper tape, it would be highly noticeable. This is why this type of tape is now favoured by fulfilment operations.