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  • Carton sealing machines efficiently seal a wide range of box sizes
  • Quick and efficient sealing of boxes
  • The perfect addition to busy packing areas where speed is important
  • All models use industry standard machine tape:
    • Supplied on a 990 meter long roll, 50mm or 75mm in width
    • Suitable for use with all types of carton sealing machines (core 75mm)
  • Models TBDA and CF will need a supply of compressed air
  • Lead time is 3 - 4 weeks (Robopac models)

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Carton sealing machine

Here at Kite, we offer a range of easy-to-use ‘Robotape’ carton sealing machines – perfect for mailing and product distributions for sealing the top and bottom of boxes. All of our models help create time-saving efficiencies in busy packing areas and are perfect when used with our industry-standard machine packaging tape.

A key advantage of the Robotape model 50 TBDE taping machine is its flexibility of use. The motorised top and bottom belts seal a huge range of fixed cardboard box sizes. Robotape model 50 ME features lateral (side) motorised driving belt conveyors for accurate and fast taping. Robotape model 50 TBDA is a self-sizing machine, meaning the belts adjust automatically to the box’s size. The motorised top and bottom gripping belt conveyors ensure a constant mesh on the products. Model Robotape CF is a side belt driven machine for uniform size boxes. It features an automatic flap folding device, perfect for when accuracy and efficiency are important. Please see our more info buttons featured in the table above for technical specification. Our machines are all fully CE and 2006/42/EC conforming.

Our semi-automatic carton sealing machine is a low-cost, entry-level system which secures your packages with high quality seals ready for shipping. It improves efficiency by partly automating the carton sealing process, offering significant time savings and increased productivity. Swivel castors enable users to move the system to wherever sealing is required, granting flexibility and convenience that can adapt to your business needs. Infeed and outfeed conveyors are included with the system where usually they are purchased separately as accessories, saving you the hassle of having to purchase these separately. These ensure a smooth in and out feed from the sealer, maintaining the pristine condition of your cartons and the contents inside them.  

This system also features a stainless steel roller, emergency button, and top and side drive belts which carry boxes through the sealing process while keeping them secured in place for a professional finish. This plug and play system is easy to set up, adjust and maintain and can also be purchased as part of a bundle with hot melt machine tape. 

Please note that once any of the carton machines are installed and used, we cannot accept returns.

These products have a lead time, and can only be purchased using an extended delivery.

Machine packaging tape

Our range of clear polypropylene machine packaging tape is suitable for use with all types of carton sealing machines, with strong hot melt adhesive to guarantee a good seal every time.

We stock both acrylic and hotmelt adhesives with a Kite branded core. Hotmelt is the best tape for sealing boxes that are to be stored or transported in environments with a low average temperature (+5°C to +15°C). Our acrylic tape provides a high-quality stick at the most competitive prices (operating temperature +15°C to +65°C).

Machine applied tape is sold in packs of 4 or 6 rolls.


  • Material/carrier – Polypropylene (28 micron)
  • Adhesive – Hotmelt
  • Core size – 75mm (industry standard)
  • Colours – Available in clear only
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) wide/75mm and 990 metres long
  • Material/carrier – Polypropylene
  • Adhesive – Acrylic
  • Core size – 75mm (industry standard)
  • Colours – Available in clear only
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) wide/75mm and 990 metres long