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Carton Sealing Machine

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  • Can efficiently seal the top and bottom of a wide range of box sizes
  • Uses industry standard machine tape
  • Seals up to 30 cases per minute
  • Adjustable top guides and adjustable tape tension
  • Machine packaging tape:
    • Supplied on a 990 meter long roll, 50mm in width
    • Suitable for use with all types of carton sealing machines (core 75mm)


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Carton Sealing Machine

Description Rolls Per Pack 1--1
Carton Sealing Machine Carton Sealing Machine
Efficiently seals the top & bottom of boxes
Seals up to 30 cartons per minute
1 £1,885.00 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Machine Packaging Tape

Description Rolls Per Pack 1-5
Machine Packaging Tape - Clear, Hotmelt, Kite - 50mm x 990m - Pack Of 6 Rolls 50mm x 990m Clear Tape
Kite Branded, Hotmelt
6 £6.42 £5.99 £5.50 £5.18 Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
Machine Packaging Tape - Clear, Hotmelt, Vibac - 50mm x 990m - Pack Of 6 Rolls 50mm x 990m Clear Tape
Vibac Branded, Hotmelt
6 £8.49 £8.06 £7.58 £7.19 Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units

Carton Sealing Machine

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An easy to use ‘Robotape’ carton sealing machine - seals both the top and bottom of boxes. This popular machine is the Robotape model 50 TBDE and is widely used to create time saving efficiencies in busy packing areas. Using industry standard machine tape our carton sealing machine will seal up to 30 cases per minute.

A key advantage of this carton sealing machine is its flexibility of use. With adjustable top guides and adjustable tape tension the operator can quickly and efficiently seal a huge range of carton sizes. Our machines are all fully CE and 2006/42/EC conforming.

Technical specification:
  • Belt Speed: 22 metres per minute
  • Drive: Top and Bottom belts
  • Carton Capacity: Length - 150mm - infinite
  • Carton Width: 135mm - 500mm
  • Carton Height: 110mm - 500mm
  • Working Height: 665 - 850mm (with casters as standard)
  • Tape Width: 48mm - 72mm
  • Conveyor Rollers: Steel
  • Weight: 160Kg
  • Power: 230v single phase 0.4ky
  • 3 pin plug

Machine Packaging Tape

Manufactured with a strong hotmelt adhesive, Kite’s range of tape is specifically designed for use with a carton sealing machine and adheres to all types of paper and cardboard. The clear, polypropylene tape and carton sealing machine, provide you with a continuous taping operation.

We stock Kite branded and a premium Vibac version - both with similar specifications (see below).

Technical specification:
  • Material/Carrier – Polypropylene (28 micron)
  • Adhesive – Hotmelt
  • Core Size – 75mm (industry standard)
  • Colours – Available in clear only
  • Size - 50mm (2 inch) wide and 990 metres long