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Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and customers and need to take correct precautions to uphold this. Complying with regulations is a vital part of day-to-day tasks in any business and they need to be fully aware of the regulations with which they need to comply. The secure storage of these items and others is critical, as is the identity of the cupboards. This reduces the risk of any substance mix-ups and makes the cupboards easily identifiable if access is required.

Kite's range of cupboards ensures businesses not only work towards complying with regulations, but also offers instantly recognisable identification symbols.

COSHH cupboards

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) cupboards assist users in complying with the control of substances hazardous to health. These cupboards ensure hazardous materials are stored safely at all times as demanded by the regulations. These cupboards are suitable for a range of workplace environments, however, in this particular grey colour, they are more commonly used in offices and labs.

First aid cupboards

Safely storing medical supplies in the workplace is crucial. These cupboards are suitable for a wide range of workplace environments. White in colour with identification symbols they are instantly recognisable when required.

Hazardous cupboards

Particularly common for warehouse use due to their visible yellow colour, Kite’s range of hazardous cupboards are ideal for storing substances within the COSHH regulations, in warehouse and industrial environments. They come with identification stickers to ensure they are instantly recognisable.