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  • Flexible, protective corrugated sleeving
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Ideal for bottles, glass, ceramics, jars, small metal items and much more
  • Suitable for items with a diameter between 65mm - 100mm
  • Save 10% when purchasing our corrugated sleeving & box bundle
  • Can be used with our boxes for bottles

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Corrugated sleeving

Our corrugated sleeves are designed in a way that lets it mould itself around a variety of shapes to help keep your product secure and provides protection. These are the ideal solution for a wide range of products. They are tough, durable and withstands impacts and knocks - making it perfect for delicate items. These sleeves are an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and biodegradable protective solution. Moisture resistant, adaptable and extremely easy to use. Extremely lightweight, this is an environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing alternative to plastic. The sleeves are 600gsm and are packed in boxes of 100.

What type of products can corrugated sleeving help protect?

They are ideal for protecting bottles but are also suitable for glass, ceramics, jars, small metal items and more. With perforations on the bottom of the sleeve, you can ensure the bottom of your product is protected. Simply fit your product into the sleeve (with the perforation in line with the bottom) and fold the remainder under. No tape or glue necessary.

What size products fit into corrugated sleeving?

For use with products that are between 65mm - 100mm in diameter, maximum of 300mm in height (without folding the bottom) or 270mm (with folding the bottom). Each sleeve has a maximum height but can be easily cut with scissors to fit a range of item heights.

What type of box should I use with corrugated sleeving?

These sleeves can be purchased on their own or with our tailor-made postal boxes that are a perfect fit for a single bottle. Simply fill in any voids with some suitable void fill (for example see our paper bubble wrap or Speedman box) and your product is safe to post. These easy-to-assemble postal boxes have tuck-in-flaps to help you construct and secure the box as efficiently as possible. Or you could use any other suitable cardboard box. If you are posting several bottles per box you could try our range of boxes for bottles to help keep each bottle secured in place.

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How to use our 100% recyclable corrugated sleeving

Our corrugated sleeving is perfect for a range of fragile items including bottles, glass, jars, gifts, small vases and much more. Each sleeve has a perforated bottom meaning the material can be wrapped around the item, it help protects against damage due to movement in transit. Simply slip the sleeve over the item, pull through and fold the bottom of the material around the product. This can then be placed in cartons, parcels or our boxes for bottles. Packing smaller items? Simply cut the sleeve to a smaller desired height. This solution is quick and easy and the perfect alternative to plastic options.

Corrugated sleeving