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Enviropad Paper System

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  • Fastest market-leading paper system – can produce up to 3.8 metres per second
  • Speed can also be adjusted up or down depending on packing operation
  • Machine has rotating head to change rolls more easily and position correctly over packing bench or conveyor
  • Extra-long paper consumable resulting in fewer roll changes for the user
  • Most competitive cost per metre paper void fill system on the market


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Enviropad Paper Machine
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Enviropad Machine
Produces up to 3.8 metres of paper per second
Rotating head is removable
Operated with a foot pedal
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Enviropad Paper System

The Enviropad is Kite Packaging’s revolutionary paper system, which can produce up to 3.75 metres of paper padding a second, double the speed of other systems on the market, providing perfect, swift void fill and creating cushioning for a variety of fragile items.

The machine is mounted on a metal H frame with rubber casters and is operated by a foot pedal so that both hands are free to work with the paper. It is incredibly easy to use and only requires one power source which powers both the machine and the foot pedal. Additionally a desk mount option is also available for use with the Enviropad system, creating a more compact solution for smaller operations.

The machine has a dial on the front panel to vary the speed from 1.1 metres per second to up to 3.75 metres per second. As well as this the Enviropad machine includes a rotating head, designed for use over a conveyor or packing bench, and can manoeuvre to dispense paper in any direction. It can also be rotated 180 degrees towards the operator to change the roll without having to walk around the back of the machine.

The paper consumable is loaded by simply pulling from the centre of the roll and under the removable head, which has a perforated edge for dispensing; this simple method means that the machine is virtually impossible to jam, providing a significant advantage over other paper systems on the market.

The Kite Enviropad is available through our Major Accounts operation only and is fully CE certified.

A PDF version of the Operator Guide can be downloaded here.

Enviropad Paper Rolls

Kite Packaging supplies three different paper types to be used with the Enviropad system, each with different packaging uses. Choose from the list below, and watch our demonstration videos to see how much you can make the most of your paper and pack your goods securely.

Brown 50 gsm Paper
The most cost effective cost-per-metre solution. Suitable for various void filling including internet fulfilment and general packing operations. Ideal for wrapping, void fill and block and brace for small to medium sized items.

Brown 70 gsm Paper
Heavier duty paper. Ideal for engineering products, automotive products and fragile items such as glass. In some cases it may be more cost effective to use this paper as it provides more volume per metre than the other paper types.

White 50 gsm Paper
Designed to provide a point-of-sale choice for customers, typically white paper is used for luxury products, shoes, clothing and cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. White paper is typically associated with clean, expensive gifts and can therefore add something extra to a package.

Our Enviropad rolls have a coreless design and are delivered carton-less, to ensure there is no cardboard waste left behind after it has been used. We ship the rolls without cartons or other secondary packaging materials, to reduce waste, cost and our carbon footprint.

All of the paper we provide is also environmentally responsible imitation Kraft paper, made from recycled fibres that are biodegradable and recyclable. It is also much softer than standard Kraft paper, and therefore less abrasive to products.

Enviropad is ideal for the following industries:

  • E-commerce / Internet Fulfilment
  • Other fulfilment operations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Luxury brands
  • Beauty / healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Clothing retailers
  • Antiques
  • Homeware
  • Glassware
  • Furniture
  • Removals
  • ...and many more

Packing Methods

As well as traditional paper void filling, we believe that you can use the following packing techniques to protect and secure items using minimal amounts of Enviropad paper, reducing waste and saving time. The clear boxes demonstrate how little material is required to securely suspend products inside the box.

Enviropad cross packing 1 Enviropad cross packing 2 Enviropad cross packing 3 Enviropad cross packing 4

Cross method:

  • Fold a long strip of Enviropad paper in half and place across the box.
  • Place another folded strip of paper across the box so they both form a cross.
  • Place your product on top and push down.
  • Roll down the sides of the cross to hold the product securely in place.
  • Place another piece of scrunched up paper on top to suspend your product from all sides.
Enviropad coil packing 1 Enviropad coil packing 2 Enviropad coil packing 3 Enviropad coil packing 4

Coil method:

  • Roll the Enviropad paper into a coil large enough to fill the bottom of the box.
  • Place your product into your box and push down into the coil.
  • Roll a 2nd strip of paper into a coil and place on top of your product.
  • Ensuring your product is securely held in place by both coils, close the box.
Video: How to set up and use Kite's Enviropad system
Watch how easy it is to set up the Enviropad paper system and see how it can be used to produce low cost packing material.

To load the Enviropad machine, place the roll of paper in the circular holder and pull the paper from the centre of the roll.

Lift the lever on the head and pull the paper through.

Switch the machine on using the power switch under the left side of the power unit, and press down on the foot pedal to operate.

Dispense the amount of paper you require, release the foot pedal and tear off using the perforated edge on the head.

As well as traditional void filling, the system can be used to pack items using methods that use less material, such as this cross technique.

Not only does this produce less waste, techniques such as this can be used to hold your product so securely the box can be held upside down.

The speed of the machine can be adjusted using the knob on the left of the head.

Choose a suitable speed depending on use, up to 3.75 metres per second.

Video: Packing methods using Enviropad paper
Demonstrating efficient packing methods using Enviropad, showing how to fill voids with minimal material.

In addition to traditional void fill, Enviropad is designed to be used in the following ways to use less material, minimise waste and pack items more efficiently.

CROSS METHOD: Place 2 strips of Enviropad paper over the box in a cross formation and place your product on top.

Roll down each side of the cross so it holds your product in place.

Place some more paper on top so that all 6 sides are protected, and close the box.

Your product is suspended within the box without using lots of paper.

COIL METHOD: Roll a strip of paper into a coil and place at the bottom of the box.

Place your product on top and push down into the paper to create a nest.

Place another coil of paper on top of your product and close the box.

Your product is protected on all sides even though the box isn't filled with paper.

Video: Enviropad Desk Stand
A demonstration of the Enviropad machine with our desk mount and white filler paper.

To fix the Enviropad machine to a bench or desk, simply bolt or use the clamps provided to secure the metal plate to the edge of the surface.

When the clamp is secure, slide the top half of the machine in the desk mount.

The desk mount has a rotating design to make packing easier.

We supply white paper, as shown, for a highly presentable package. Dispense the paper using the foot pedal, and use to fill voids as needed.