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Brown Postal Boxes

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  • Cardboard postal boxes with a brown outer and inner
  • Quick to assemble with secure tuck-in flaps
  • 0426 styles (see more info buttons) are to be assembled with the recycled material on the outside
  • Manufactured from corrugated single wall cardboard
  • Saves storage space - all sizes are delivered flat-packed
  • Please note that some boxes may be branded


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Length x Width x Height Boxes
Price Per Box Enter No. Of Boxes
160 x 150 x 75 mm
Small Parcel
50 24.7p 21.9p 18.7p 16.8p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
222 x 150 x 88 mm
Small Parcel
50 30.2p 26.8p 22.9p 20.6p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
240 x 240 x 80 mm
Small Parcel
50 34.7p 30.8p 26.3p 23.7p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
254 x 254 x 63 mm
Small Parcel
50 31.4p 27.8p 23.8p 21.4p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
254 x 254 x 76 mm
Small Parcel
50 36.6p 32.4p 27.7p 24.9p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
254 x 254 x 102 mm
Small Parcel
50 41.4p 36.8p 31.4p 28.2p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
290 x 208 x 95 mm
Small Parcel
50 39.7p 35.2p 30.1p 27.0p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
375 x 255 x 150 mm
Small Parcel
50 66.8p 58.6p 50.6p 45.5p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
426 x 342 x 74 mm
Small Parcel
50 52.2p 46.3p 39.5p 34.5p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units

With the rise in e-commerce businesses and companies looking for a more presentable solution than mailing bags or standard cardboard boxes, Kite’s brown postal box is the ideal solution. Their simple yet effective design is very popular, and would also benefit from our Custom Printed Logo Tape, great for ensuring goods are secure and for brand recognition.

Perfect when needing to send a variety of items in a professional box, our brown postal boxes are made from high quality single cardboard material. Made and assembled with a recycled outer, our range is available in a range of different sizes and will protect your items during transit and shipping. They can be used in conjunction with bubble wrap or tissue paper for a more presentable solution.

Lightweight but sturdy, these boxes are great for keeping costs down. The styles of box have a huge range of uses; however have proven an extremely popular choice for e-commerce, mailing and fulfillment companies. All the sizes in this range are delivered flat-packed, minimising the amount of space required to store them and making them easier to handle.

These one-piece cartons are quickly and easily assembled. Once assembled these boxes have a fold down hinged lid, with tuck-in-flaps which can then be secured with tape. For ‘pick & pack’ and fulfilment operations, the hinged lid style box means a more efficient packing process giving you the opportunity to despatch a greater number of items per day compared with more traditional styles of cardboard box.

All of our Brown Postal Boxes are a 'Small Parcel' in reference to Royal Mail's Pricing in Proportion.

For a more presentable solution, see our range of White Postal Boxes.