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  • Cardboard postal boxes with a brown outer and inner
  • Quick to assemble with branding on the INSIDE FLAPS - not visible when constructed (except ecommerce styles) *
  • We offer 4 styles: tuck-in flaps, fold-in-flaps (recycled material on outside), peel-&-seal and ecommerce
  • Manufactured from corrugated single wall cardboard
  • Saves storage space - all sizes are delivered flat-packed
* Please note size 180x120x30 has a visible logo

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Brown cardboard postal boxes

With the rise in ecommerce business and with companies looking for a more presentable solution than mailing bags or standard cardboard boxes, Kite’s brown postal box is the ideal solution. This simple yet effective design is very popular and would also benefit from our custom printed logo tape, great for ensuring goods are secure and for brand recognition.

Perfect when needing to send a variety of items in a professional box, our brown postal boxes are made from high quality single wall cardboard material. Available in four styles: tuck-in-flaps, fold-in-flaps, ecommerce and peel-&-seal, see images and more info for style specification. All of our tuck-in-flaps brown postal boxes have branding on the inside flaps, not visible when constructed. They can be used in conjunction with bubble wrap and void fill to secure products inside, or use coloured tissue paper for a more presentable solution. Our peel-&-seal postal boxes feature a secure sticky seal as well as a tear open strip.

Our ecommerce style boxes have a crash lock base design, they are simple to erect and with an integrated lid and peel-&-seal strip for secure closure, they are suitable for fast-paced environments, assembling in just seconds. Once goods are placed in the box, simply push the opposite corners of the box towards each other, making the base flaps automatically lock together and then seal with the integrated peel-&-seal strip. The box also has an easy to open tear strip, ensuring end-user satisfaction. Please note, branding may be visible on our ecommerce style boxes.

Lightweight but sturdy, these boxes are great for keeping costs down. All styles of box have a huge range of uses and have proven an extremely popular choice for e-commerce, mailing and fulfillment companies. All sizes in this range are delivered flat-packed, minimising the amount of space required to store them and making them easier to handle.

These one-piece cartons are quickly and easily assembled. For a more presentable solution, see our range of white postal boxes.

All of our brown postal boxes adhere to Royal Mail's Pricing in Proportion.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials, the percentage of which ranges from 60% to 90% and this cardboard is one of the most easily recycled resources in the UK. Seal with one of our paper tapes and fill with environmental void fill for the perfect plastic-free packaging. These single walled boxes are kind to the planet and vegan friendly. 

Video: Brown cardboard postal boxes
How to construct each style of our brown postal boxes

Our tuck-in-flaps and fold-in-flaps postal boxes. Tuck in flaps feature branding on the inside of the box (not visible when constructed). Simply fold and secure, once your product is in the box, the top flaps slot in on the outside. Delivered flat packed, these boxes can be deconstructed and stored to save space. Our plain fold in flaps boxes are to be made with the recycled material on the outside. Simply fold and secure, the top and side flaps fold inside the box. This style can also be deconstructed and stored.

Video: Ecommerce boxes
See our demonstration video on our quick and easy ecommerce boxes

Our 100% recyclable ecommerce boxes are the perfect solution for a wide range of industries. With their crash lock base, these boxes popup in seconds making the whole packing process quicker and more efficient. Once items are inside the box, simply fold the outer flaps inward and secure with their integrated peel-&-seal strip. They also feature a tear open strip so the receiver can easily access contents. Ecommerce boxes can be deconstructed back down for flat packed storage.