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Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging

The basic principle of vacuum packing something is simple. You take a vacuum bag containing your product and remove the air by means of a vacuum machine system. The finalised result is a neatly packed product that is fully protected for storage, preservation or presentation. 
We are experts in supplying both commercial grade vacuum systems as well as the range of consumable, specially tailored vacuum pouches. We strive to offer an all-round, no fuss solution for anyone whose business requires their product to be vacuum packaged. Whether you require a means to seal fresh or dry food for storage or wish to prepare food items in a sous vide style we have products to suit you.
The use of our vacuum systems is not, however, exclusive to the food preparation industry. Perhaps you own a business in which you sell and distribute clothes online. Vacuum sealing your product will result in a more compact, professional looking package. Equally, removing the air from your parcels may improve delivery efficiency and dissolve some of the unnecessary weight costs. This is but one example of the many ways in which you could utilise one of our vacuum sealing systems.

Vacuum food packaging machines

Like many packaging challenges, choosing the correct specification and complexity of a system or machine can vary greatly depending on the purposes for which the system is required. This is especially important in the meal prep industry, for example, with the perishable nature of food items. With this in mind, Kite offers vacuum chamber machines in desktop and floor standing variations. Our parcel sealing systems boast an easy to use control panel.  
Desktop vacuum packing machines are commonplace in fresh food retailers, particularly meat, deli and fish retailers where extending the lifespan of perishable food products is critical. This is achieved through vacuum packing and sealing the bag which reduces the exposure to bacteria by entirely removing the air. Whichever food vacuum sealer you choose, all those in our range are simple and easy to use and have a reputation for quality and reliability.

Commercial vacuum sealing machines

Our vacuum sealing machines apply the same principles as our chamber machines but are constructed to make them better suited to pharmaceutical and medical vacuum packing operations.
Just as important as the machine in a vacuum packing process is the pouch into which the product is being vacuum sealed. Kite Packaging has a good range of sizes available, manufactured to be ideal for use with the systems themselves. Our high quality storage bags compliment our high functioning systems perfectly: offering you a product that is the epitome of reliability and quality.  
For any information or advice about any of the products in our vacuum packing range visit the relevant product pages or call us and discuss your particular requirements. We have a dedicated, knowledgeable team of employees that are happy to rectify any issues or offer general advice.