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Ventilated Machine Stretch Wrap

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  • Ventilated stretch film machine rolls (also known as aerated pallet wrap).
  • Allows for air circulation around wrapped products
  • Prevents build-up of condensation
  • Ideal for growers, the drinks industry, chilled environments, pharmaceuticals and more
  • Available in Kite Ventilated Plus 225% and Kite Ventilated Standard Light
  • Also available: Ventilated Hand Stretch Wrap
  • Only available on an extended delivery


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Kite Ventilated Standard Light Pre Stretch Film
Core Brake Machine Film
420mm x 4500m
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Kite Packaging specialise in the supply of a wide range of pallet wrap products and solutions. Whether the requirement is for general purpose use or specific applications we will have a pallet wrap product to fulfil your requirements.

Ventilated Stretch film is one of more specialist films in the range we offer and is tailored to a variety of specific industries and applications thanks to its unique properties. As with our entire range of pallet wrap products both our hand and machine films provide superior load stability ensuring goods are tightly bound and palletised items are stable during storage and especially transit.

The key feature and benefit of our ventilated film is that it provides excellent airflow around the wrapped pallet. This means the goods within wont be susceptible to the build of condensation that can sometimes occur when using regular stretch film.

Kite sell 4 types of ventilated stretch film (hand and machine applied) to suit product requirements such as fresh food, fresh produce, cardboard, paper and environments where contents are warm. The ventilation property of the film allows sufficient airflow around the wrapped products and by reducing the risk of condensation build-up; it also helps prevent the development of bacteria.

Kite Ventilated Plus 225%

Kite Ventilated Plus 225% is the ideal stretch film solution available for semi-automatic or automatic wrapping machines with a pre-stretch of 225%, allowing a perfect airflow to the pallet and avoiding condensation on the inside of the pallet. Ideal for wrapping products such as pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, beer, dairy products, fresh food, pet food, eggs, cardboard, paper and convenience foods this solution prevents the development of bacteria and avoids oxidation of cans due to accumulation of water. The ventilation holes are approx. 20mm x 10mm but increase in size as the film is stretched. The holes achieve an approximate maximum size of 60mm x 30mm.

  • Loads dry quicker
  • Allows a perfect airflow over the wrapped product
  • Guarantees the stability of the load on the pallet

Kite Ventilated Standard Light

This general purpose machine film is designed for industries where ventilation of goods is required. The slightly larger holes allow maximum ventilation and can be used on any product where stability and ventilation are needed. This film is typically used in industries such as fruit/vegetable packing or for anything that is wrapped when warm or conversely where goods need to be flash frozen, as the holes allow less time to achieve the temperature required. The ventilation holes are around 70/80mm x 25mm. This film is already pre-stretched so the holes will increase in size slightly but the increase is limited.

  • Slightly larger sized holes
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Low cost per metre