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Ecommerce packaging

We have a comprehensive range of sustainable packaging supplies perfect for use with any ecommerce business. Explore our range below!

What is ecommerce-ready packaging?

Ecommerce packaging is used to ship goods which have been purchased online by consumers. It often undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it possesses the high quality and durability required to withstand the conditions and processes of shipping. Ecommerce-ready packaging should also adhere to the seller’s brand guidelines, aligning with their values, offering and position within the market

How do you package an ecommerce product?

The packaging materials chosen depend entirely on the product they are intended for. A shipping-ready package will typically consist of an outer container, void fill, any inserts, and tape to secure, if needed. It is best to keep dimensions of outer containers as small as possible, keeping the package light and yielding lower postage costs.

Single and double wall corrugated cardboard boxes are usually the go-to packaging products used by online retailers as they are robust, do not add to the weight of packages, and are recyclable. Single wall boxes work a treat for most purposes, but to safely transport heavier items, consider double wall boxes for their added strength and durability.

Padded mailers are great for shipping smaller, flat, or delicate items such as books, electronics, jewellery and handcrafted goods. Extra protection in the form of void fill can be added to ensure packages are secured into place within their container, preventing any internal movement or damage from occurring in transit. Envelopes and polymailers lend themselves well to transporting durable items as they are lightweight, strong, flat packed for easy storage, and often self-sealing.

Do customers care about ecommerce packaging?

Customers care about the packaging their orders arrive in for many reasons. Whether this is because of the protective purpose it serves, the premium unboxing experience it provides, the lack of both of these functions, or simply because it is ridiculously excessive and harmful to the planet, packaging matters. For most consumers, outer packaging is the first physical interaction they will have with any brand, so, it is vital to get right. Nothing looks worse than a package turning up damaged, or worse, with goods that are not in the pristine condition they should be.

For one, robust, high quality ecommerce packaging minimises the volume and cost of returns that occur due to goods that are damaged in transit, helping to create a strong impression of reliability for your brand. Packaging also provides a fantastic opportunity to build a recognisable brand presence. In recent years, consumers have increasingly cared more about their unboxing experience, offering the prospect for brands to deliver a memorable moment for customers and build a lasting relationship with them.

What are the best packaging types for ecommerce?

We supply a wide range of postal packaging suiting a variety of products and industries. Our single and double wall boxes are the most popular choice of mailing boxes as they are versatile in what they can package and also aid sustainable disposal due to their eco-friendly credentials.

Our range of large letter postal boxes, alongside our brown and white postal boxes adhere to the Royal Mail PiP guidelines. By opting for these, online retailers can ensure their packages fit within the preferred PiP category and regulate shipping costs.

When shipping gifts, consider upgrading to gift packaging. By adding aesthetic touches like shredded or tissue paper to brighten up a package, you can provide a pleasant unboxing experience which will elevate your brand image and earn you return customers.