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The industrial world is constantly changing and we are seeing an increase in demand for everything to happen faster, at a lower cost with increased volume throughput, therefore, naturally leading to an increase in requirements for systems and automation. Companies are looking more than ever at the opportunity to invest in systems and automation as it is one of the most efficient ways to improve productivity within operations and also greatly reduces the need for manual labour, therefore being an extremely cost-effective solution.

With cost, time and quality being 3 of the main factors encouraging the use of automation, companies of all shapes and sizes are looking more than ever at options available to them and now with the environmental epidemic the option for environmentally friendly products is playing a big role. Whether it is a semi-automated or fully-automated system the benefits can be extremely significant to companies.

With the environmental drive continuing at full force; it is now crucial more than ever to look to alternatives that encourage companies to be more environmentally friendly with this often coming in the shape of machinery. Pallet wrap machines and systems, if used correctly are a great way to get the very best out of your pallet wrap, therefore reducing the amount of plastic used, free audits are available to new existing customers who would like advice and a solution tailored to their requirements.

Waste compactors and cardboard balers give a substantial return on investment as they bring significant cash savings on landfill taxes and waste collecting as well as reducing manual labour costs.

Paper void fill solutions are a great alternative to plastics. There is a choice of systems for low, medium and high volume operations, with each dispensing 100% recyclable friendly paper.

Common in a wide range of areas, companies can find semi and fully-automated machines for pallet wrapping, carton sealing, heat sealing, strapping, void fill, shredding, baling and much more.

Our specialist services and solutions team of engineers have developed, supplied and maintained some of the most innovative packaging systems on the UK market. By providing a wide range of machinery and systems and utilising the expertise of our specialist divisions, national key account managers and packaging technologists, we are a market leader in the provision of packaging machinery and systems.