Our specialist services and solutions team of engineers have developed, supplied and maintained some of the most innovative packaging systems on the UK market. By providing a wide range of machinery and systems and utilising the expertise of our specialist divisions, national key account managers and packaging technologists, we are a market leader in the provision of packaging machinery and systems.

Pallet wrap machines

Designed to improve efficiency in pack operations, our range of pallet wrap machines are ideal for low volume operations when wrapping up to 40 pallets per day, medium operations where users are wrapping up to 80 pallets per day and high volume operations where 120+ pallets are being wrapped per day.

Our specialist ‘load retention’ team can provide expert knowledge to ensure you use the correct pallet wrap system in conjunction with the best suited pallet wrap film for your specific application. We can also offer free audits on your existing pallet wrap and advise you on the best way to get the maximum performance and efficiency out of your system.

Our range includes:

  • Full range of Robopac pallet wrap systems
  • Standard and customised solutions
  • Turntable and Robot models
  • Our unique ‘Stretchsafe’ manual system
  • Full range of accessories
Carton sealing machines

Available in automatic and semi-automatic, carton sealing machines are the perfect addition to any pick and pack operation enabling businesses to increase their production rate and increase efficiency without having to hire more staff.

We can supply a wide range of systems depending on customer’s specific carton sealing requirements and can advise, install and train operators on all the benefits of using a carton sealing system as a standalone solution or as part of a fully integrated packing / despatch environment.

Sealing, packing and bagging

For packing solutions that require any form of heat sealing, heat shrinking, vacuum packing or bagging we can supply a market leading range of machinery to suit. A wide variety of industry sectors need automated machinery solutions of this type and choosing the best solution for a given application or product often requires the expertise the team here at Kite Packaging.

From entry level to fully automated capital systems, we can advise on and supply the ideal machine in the following ranges:-

  • Heat Sealers (desktop, industrial, continuous band sealers)
  • Shrink film (desktop, pallet and industrial tunnel systems)
  • Vacuum packing machines (desktop, floor standing, medical)
  • Fully automated bagging systems.
Strapping machines

As a leading supplier to industrial, automotive, engineering, logistics, distribution and manufacturing companies (to name but a few) we are experts in many traditional styles of packaging machinery solutions. Securing items for despatch, storage or transit is commonly done using a variety of strapping solutions and these are never more efficient and cost effective than when they are applied using some form of strapping machine.

We are experts in some of the following systems:-

  • Semi-auto and fully auto strapping machines
  • Friction weld systems
  • High-speed strapping systems
  • Paper banding machines
Paper machines

Our range of paper machines is ideal for an environmentally friendly void fill solution. Built with speed and efficiency in mind, the systems are suitable for both low and high volume operations, generating high quality 100% recycled paper void fill material.

Products we offer:

  • Speedman Classic (floor or bench mounted for quick easy dispensing of protective paper)
  • Speedman Pro (fully automated and mobile)
  • Paperjet (revolutionary system for producing high quality paper cushioning)

Our paper systems not only offer an environmentally friendly and low cost packing solution they are designed with efficiency, reliability and speed in mind. Our extensive knowledge in this area goes beyond the systems themselves. Through our national key accounts team, supported by our in-house packaging technologists and specialist in-the-box division we have worked with many large customers to design and install integrated packing areas. Efficient pick, pack and despatch departments work at their best when utilising custom-designed packing table systems incorporating paper voidfill machines.

Shredding machines

Cardboard shredders are the perfect way for businesses to turn cardboard waste into an effective void fill material, acting as a great alternative for void fill items such as bubble wrap, starch and polystyrene chips. They quickly slice surplus cardboard into thin strips providing businesses with a cost-free, recycled material for filling void space.