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Don't panic... Kite is still supplying packaging solutions

Added value packaging solutions

Kite the UK’s leading packaging supplier

We solve packing problems with our wide range of products and expertise. Whether it’s a cardboard box, a plastic bag, stretch film or any other packaging issue our technologists will design the right solution. With over 2,500 standard products and 10’s of thousands bespoke lines in stock, we have a Just-in-Time solution available right now! Just call one of our key account team to arrange a review of your packing problem. Our dedicated team is supported by our mobile laboratory and our in-house Environmental Packaging team so let us help you to be a leaner and greener user of packaging.

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    Pallet wrap audit

    Our specialist engineers will assess you load retention requirements

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    Bespoke solutions

    Bespoke solution to suit your specific packaging requirements

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    Packaging technology

    Focusing on pack re-design to help areas such as cost reduction and improved performance and protection

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    About us

    Find out about Kite and our 7 regional distribution centres located around the UK

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    Retail solutions

    Providing customers with innovative, market leading solutions

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    In-box solutions

    Specialist in-the-box team designing bespoke solutions and focusing on areas such as pack cost and pack velocity

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    Range of machinery to suit both low and high volume operations

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    Aerospace & defence

    MPAS trained engineers specialising in solutions to protect, transport and store

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    Packaging regulations

    Kite’s compliance division handling the Packaging Regulations for businesses

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