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  • Ideal aesthetic solution for heavier products
  • Reusable, recyclable and biodegradable
  • Straight 2mm 70-80gsm shredded paper
  • Use to wrap around a product or fill internal spaces
  • Manufactured in the UK at a carbon neutral facility
  • Dust extracted during production
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What is ShredPak?

Kite’s ShredPak paper is straight cut in 2mm wide. The paper is kraft which enjoys greater strength than other types of paper due to the simplified manufacturing process that omits excessive bleaching. The material is 70-80gsm to combine flexibility with strength for a versatile all-rounder product. The pieces of paper arrive tightly packed, enabling you to securely wrap individual products or pull the small pieces apart for a looser spread across the base of a hamper, for example.

What is the difference between shredded tissue and ShredPak?

This ShredPak product is tailormade for medium to larger gift products whereas shredded tissue is more suited to smaller, lightweight objects. The general recommendation is that when searching for aesthetic void fill, any items lighter than an egg can use tissue paper while anything heavier than an egg should utilise a paper-based product. The paper is far better equipped to stabilise items with more weight within a box. In terms of physicality, the difference is simply that the paper comprises of kraft paper while the tissue is a thinner form of tissue paper. Both, however, are straight cut which distinguishes them from the ZigZag paper variety we also offer at Kite.

When should I use shredded paper?

As a void fill solution, this durable shredded paper is great at holding space within a box. This keeps products positioned as you intended for optimal visual effect while minimising the chance of damages by preventing movement. This straight variety is skinnier than the zigzag alternative, making it similarly well suited to directly encasing products and moulding around them as a form of protective wrap. The shreds can be strategically manoeuvred to suit a particular product, making this packaging an excellent choice for businesses stocking a range of different items.

Why should I use ShredPak?

ShredPak offers effective in-the-box cushioning to a wide range of products while displaying the goods in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This multi-purpose paper products considerably enhance the unboxing experience of a consumer without sacrificing functionality, helping you to retain attractive visual qualities to elevate your brand image. The straight shreds are excellent options for gift wrapping to further boost the services your business can offer, moreover, the added strength in comparison to tissue can capably protect fragile items such as small bottles, ceramics or heavy candles. Hamper baskets heavily rely on solutions such as shredded paper to hold multiple items in place within a container while excelling in terms of artistic appeal.

Is ShredPak environmentally friendly?

These kraft shreds uphold impressive environmental values to support any modern business striving toward greener practices. The paper is both recyclable and biodegradable, though it is likely that customers may reuse the packaging themselves due to its attractive and long-lasting qualities. The Natural and Black colours are made from 100% recycled paper to further boost the green credentials of your business should you choose these shades. In addition, kraft is a naturally more sustainable method of paper manufacture as less energy is used in the process. Overall, this presentation packaging demonstrates exemplary environmental consciousness, inverting any misconceptions regarding the harmfulness of colourful void fill.

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