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  • Sturdy extendable roller conveyors for transporting goods safely and efficiently
  • Space optimising conveyors to suit warehouse and factory capacity
  • A range of 12 sizes to choose from with adjustable height - 670mm min to 1100mm max
  • Connecting hooks, end stop rollers and plates also available (must be purchased with conveyor)
  • Conveyors are covered by a 12 month warranty
  • Extended lead time - please call to discuss

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At Kite, we’re always aiming high to ensure that our customers can have the ultimate packing operation. Our cost-effective conveyors are the perfect solution for transporting goods safely and efficiently within the warehouse – maximising packing velocity levels. Each belt conveyor is a sturdy space optimising system which can be adjusted in length and height to fit packroom or warehouse space and it can be flattened to save space when not in use. Each unit features 4 swivel casters for ease of manoeuvring around work areas.

Built with sturdy black rollers, its flexible characteristics allow it to be expanded for individual preference whilst its effective operation provides users with a systematic, productivity-boosting structure in day-to-day business. All of our unit heights can be adjusted from 670mm to 1100mm. We have a range of sizes to choose from to accommodate your individual sizing preferences and we also offer connecting hooks, end stop rollers and end stop plates which you can purchase in addition to a conveyor (cannot be purchased alone). End stop rollers and plates bring items to a halt, ensuring goods do to not drop off the production line. Connecting hooks allows multiple conveyors to be attached together safely and securely, users can create various packing warehouse configurations. Quickly connect and disconnect as required.