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  • Optimised pallet flow and increased efficiency
  • No manual pallet handling
  • Prevention of occupational injuries
  • Longer stacks conserve space
  • Reduced damage to pallets and hence results
  • A plug-and-play solution
  • In stock!

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What is a pallet stacker?

A pallet stacker, also known as a pallet stacking machine, or a pallet magazine and dispenser, is a pallet handling machine which makes easy work of pallet management through automated pallet stacking and dispensing. Pallet stackers use motors and hydraulics to lift, stack and dispense pallets in a quick and efficient manner.   

The Palomat Greenline is both a pallet magazine and dispenser designed for businesses with a need for handling pallets at floor level. It offers an automated solution for stacking and dispensing pallets in busy warehouses as well as a means for storing them neatly and safely in a space-conserving manner. This system optimises pallet flow, reducing handling time per pallet and increasing the efficiency of your warehouse, whilst protecting employees from health and safety risks relating to heavy manual lifting.

How do electric pallet stackers work?

It is operated using a touch panel which enables users to switch between the stacking and destacking (or dispensing) functions and detects pallets using photo sensors. For destacking, stacks no higher than fifteen pallets tall can be inserted into the Palomat. After this, the system will dispense each pallet individually at floor level, requiring the operator to remove each one using a hand pallet truck, electric stacker or forklift. Also using one of the latter for stacking, the operator must insert each pallet individually into the Palomat.

Why use a machine to stack pallets?

This automated pallet handling system will increase the efficiency of any warehouse operation. It improves workplace safety by eradicating the need for heavy manual labour, preventing injuries and resulting in fewer absences due to illness. Operators can create larger stacks safely, using the available warehouse space more efficiently and providing an opportunity for more storage. As the Palomat is a plug-and-play system, it is immediately ready for use once placed in a suitable location.

Where are pallet stackers used?

Electric pallet stackers are frequently used in industrial and commercial settings where the efficient and safe handling of pallets is necessary, offering cost savings through higher pallet retention rates and fewer breakages due to handling. They can most be found most commonly in warehouses, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics and retail distribution centres, but are not limited to these settings. Electric pallet stackers can be used wherever pallet management is required.