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Heat shrink and vacuum equipment

Heat shrink and vacuum equipment

Our heat shrink and vacuum equipment ranges from heat sealers, vacuum chamber machines to pallet shrink guns. We offer a range of machines and accessories to protect either pallet loads or a variety of goods.

Heat sealers

We stock a selection of high-quality heat sealers to suit the needs of any business, from industrial heat sealers, to tabletop heat sealers with cutters to handheld heat sealers for poly bags. Each machine is used to seal polythene and plastics, ensuring goods inside are kept safe and secure. Choose from basic and desktop heat shrink systems to continuous machines, ideal for when speed and consistency is important.

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum chamber machines are ideal for hygienic food packaging or to help reduce space when handling bulky items. Simply put your product in a vacuum pouch, place it within the vacuum chamber and close the lid. The vacuum pump removes all air from the chamber (including any excess air in the pouch) and securely seals the bag via the built-in heat sealer. The method reduces atmospheric oxygen which limits the growth of bacteria.

Vacuum sealers operate differently from vacuum chambers, the bags are placed externally out of the machine rather than inside it, air is then removed and the bag is sealed outside of the machine. These machines can operate as a tabletop machine or mounted on to a floor stand.

Pallet heat shrink guns and shrink hood machines

We stock a variety of Heat Shrink guns and accessories. Choose from our very own Kite Packaging heat gun to the Ripack 2200 and 3000. These guns are used when adding shrink wrap on a pallet and applying a heat source, items are securely wrapped to a pallet and movement in transit is minimised. See page for range of accessories available.

Shrink and seal machines are designed to speed up packaging lines by providing both a heat shrinking and sealing method in one unit, taking just seconds to complete the process. Ideal when you require a quicker alternative to heat shrink guns or standard desktop systems.