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Enviro-Box: Heavy Duty Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

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  • Our Enviro-boxes are environmentally friendly, strong cardboard boxes
  • Made from reinforced single wall cardboard
  • Equivalent strength to double wall boxes, but use less material
  • Some sizes are multiscored, allowing you to reduce their height
  • Sizes shown are the internal dimensions: Length x Width x Height


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Length x Width x Height Specs Boxes
Per Pack
Price Per Box Enter
No. Of
305 x 229 x 229 mm
20 73.0p 50.6p 41.5p Click Here
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Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
305 x 305 x 305 mm
20 £1.16 80.2p 65.5p Click Here
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Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
356 x 356 x 356 mm
20 £1.44 100.0p 81.6p Click Here
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Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
406 x 406 x 406 mm
20 £1.69 £1.17 £1.10 Click Here
Click Here
Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
457 x 305 x 305 mm
20 £1.44 £1.01 82.1p Click Here
Click Here
Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
457 x 457 x 305 mm
20 £2.04 £1.41 £1.16 Click Here
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Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
457 x 457 x 457 mm
20 £2.70 £1.88 £1.53 Click Here
Click Here
Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
610 x 457 x 457 mm
With Hand Holes
10 £2.85 £1.96 £1.60 Click Here
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Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
610 x 610 x 610 mm
With Hand Holes
10 £4.85 £3.20 £2.57 Click Here
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Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
762 x 457 x 457 mm
With Hand Holes
10 £3.97 £2.61 £2.10 Click Here
Click Here
Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units

About our heavy duty boxes

If you require additional security and support for your shipping or transport applications, our heavy duty Enviro-boxes are an affordable and environmentally friendly solution. Developed in conjunction with WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the Enviro-box offers a sustainable and reliable alternative to larger double wall boxes with the following unique features:

  • Increased strength over most double wall boxes
  • Materials used are 7% lighter, meaning lower transport costs
  • The process of manufacturing Enviro-box results in a 30% saving in CO2 emissions

Customers interested in learning more about these products can use the information provided below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team. For those looking to purchase our heavy duty Enviro-boxes, we offer a quick and easy online checkout system.

Recycled content ranges from 60% to 90%

How they differ to other cardboard box types

These heavy duty single wall boxes from Kite Packaging are also known as our 'Enviro-box'. They offer the protection of traditional double wall boxes but use less material.

Our Enviro-box combines superior strength and durability with an efficient material design. In similar fashion to our single wall cardboard boxes, the heavy duty Enviro-box features a single-wall structure that offers advanced support over our standard single wall and double wall boxes.

The Enviro-box is one of the UK’s most environmentally friendly boxes, helping to reduce material waste in the shipping and moving industry.

Our double wall cardboard boxes also offer heavy duty strength and durability, providing two layers of corrugated cardboard that increase resistance to crushing during transport operations.

Most of our heavy duty Enviro-boxes are also multi-scored, meaning that the height of the carton can be adjusted to suit different contents. They have pre-scored fold lines at heights stated in the table above, simply cut down the corners using a box cutter and fold along the new crease.

Applications and uses

Manufactured from a reinforced single wall, it is robust enough to be reliable yet cheap enough to be affordable.

The Enviro-box is a versatile and durable choice for individuals and companies requiring a cardboard product with enhanced strength and portability. Thanks to a reduced-weight design, the Enviro-box is an efficient and user-friendly alternative to standard heavy duty boxes. The larger sized heavy duty boxes feature hand holes for ease of transit.

Whether for commercial or personal uses, the Enviro-box is well suited to both large-scale transportation operations and more conventional storage and shipping projects. If customers are shipping extremely heavy objects, however, we recommend our double-walled export and pallet boxes. The Enviro-box is also ideal for companies looking to maintain firm policies on eco-friendly practices.

Available in a range of sizes, customers purchasing the Enviro-box can benefit from the product’s multiscored construction, allowing for adjustable depth and height levels. For individuals or organisations purchasing larger orders, bulk pricing options are available. Wholesale pricing options are also open to our high-volume clients.

Enviro-Box demonstration videos

Below are a selection of relevant videos that will help you with using your cardboard boxes. If you are still unsure of anything to do with the boxes then please call us.

Video: How to measure a cardboard box
Find out the correct way to measure a box, and learn the difference between internal and external dimensions.

In this video, find out the correct way to measure a box, and learn the difference between internal and external dimensions.

The first dimension is always the longest opening dimension.

The second dimension is the shortest opening dimension, and the third dimension is always the depth.

Remember that the dimensions are always INTERNAL, the usable space, not the external.

On boxes the difference between internal and external can be very considerable, depending upon the board grade and the style of the box.

Video: How to use Multi-Scored Boxes
Learn how to adjust the height of Multi-Score boxes using one of our safety cutters

Many of our cardboard boxes have multi-score lines that allow the height to be adjusted.

We sell a box cutter that enables this to be done quickly and safely, due to its retractable blade.

Multi-score lines are clearly visible, see the table on the box page for their height.

Using the knife, cut down each corner to the height you require.

Insert your items, then fold down the flaps to the new height.

Video: What Type of Box Do I Need?
Compare Single Wall, Double Wall and Enviro Boxes and discover which is best for your product

We sell various types of boxes, from standard duty single wall to extra heavy duty.

Single wall boxes are identified by the prefix ‘CSW’.

Heavy duty Enviro-boxes have a clear ‘Enviro’ print on one of the flaps.

Double wall boxes have a code starting ‘CDW’.

Our single wall boxes have a single layer of corrugated board. They are our best value option for packing lightweight goods. Enviro-boxes are made from a thicker and more rigid single wall board. These are suitable for slightly heavier goods. Double wall boxes have 2 layers of corrugated board, making them our strongest general-use boxes.