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  • E-commerce boxes with a crash lock base design for speed and efficiency
  • Integrated peel-&-seal adhesive strip and open tear strip
  • All sizes are 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for a wide range of items being sent out in transit
  • 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable

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What Is an Ecommerce Box?

These ecommerce boxes are a type of single wall cardboard box specifically tailored toward online retailers due to their rapid assembly design and other physical features that aid pack efficiency. Why is this important? In today's dynamic e-commerce landscape, having adaptability and responsiveness to industry trends are paramount for businesses. The pace of change is accelerating, with customers increasingly expecting next-day delivery which is where our ecommerce packaging boxes come in handy. They enable swift order fulfilment, meeting the growing demand for speed and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our ecommerce boxes are intuitive to open and display products in an appealing, presentable manner to create a positive customer experience, further encouraging loyalty and repeat sales. Delivery speed and the general presentation of a package are both key factors for establishing a committed customer base, both of which are sensitively addressed with Kite’s specialised ecommerce boxes.

What Physical Qualities Do These Ecommerce Shipping Boxes Have? 

These ecommerce shipping boxes have a crash lock base which grants them the fastest assembly time of all our boxes; simply push the opposite corners of the box towards each other to make the base flaps automatically lock together. The hinged lid is fastened with the integrated peel-&-seal strip, eliminating any time that would otherwise have been taken to cut and apply a separate tape adhesive. These features streamline cost in addition to keeping a packing space tidy and free from unnecessary stationery. To enhance end-user satisfaction, an open tear strip is included to easily open the package without difficulty. The cardboard itself is comprised of heavy duty single wall corrugation to provide suitable protection to an array of different product types. The mailing box is lightweight thanks to the single layer construction, keeping postage costs and carbon footprints to a minimum.

What Sizes Are Available in These Quick Seal Postal Boxes?

At Kite, we supply seven different sizes of e-commerce mailing boxes with differing dimensions to suit a variety of goods. The hinged lid particularly lends itself to presenting items in an aesthetic manner, making the cardboard boxes a popular choice for displaying gifts or luxury products such as beauty or cosmetics. The smallest option is ideal for a single object such as a watch or candle, while the larger sizes cater toward gift businesses wanting to exhibit multiple wares for an attractive and memorable unboxing experience. Other industries including homeware, baked goods or ceramics also benefit from the universal practicality of a well-built box with built-in efficiency features.

All of these ecommerce packaging boxes adhere to Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines, allowing you to manage shipping expenses with confidence and avoid any unexpected costs. When choosing your boxes, click on the ‘more info’ icon to view which Royal Mail PiP category they classify as. You can also view our PiP guide – we’ve done all the hard work and categorised every type of postal box we stock.

How to Integrate Ecommerce Boxes Into Your Packaging System:

Our range of void fill and cushioning materials are the perfect partner to these e-commerce boxes, keeping each object stably located in the same position it was packed in. Tissue paper or shredded paper is perfect for maintaining the sense of high quality, premium packaging while our hivewrap or paper wraps express a sensitivity to our environment in their kraft brown hues. Our selection of in-the-box protection is scalable to the level of shielding your products require; at Kite, we have lighter products and heavier duty solutions to ensure that parcels arrive in the same condition they are sent it.

Coloured & Custom Printed Ecommerce Postal Boxes 

While we only offer white and brown ecommerce postal boxes off the shelf, if you are looking for more colours and custom prints to match your branding, our bespoke packaging service is perfect for you. 
Coloured postal boxes and custom printed postal boxes can be manufactured to meet Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines. So, no matter whether you’re seeking large letter, small, medium or large parcel postal boxes, or other custom ecommerce packaging, our friendly team of specialists at your local Kite RDC will be happy to provide a quote.

Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging: Are These Ecommerce Cardboard Boxes Eco-Friendly?

Our high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly thanks to an assortment of qualities. Firstly, the card is sustainably sourced from renewable resources and can be widely and domestically recycled after use. The crash lock base design enables the postal box to be easily compressed into a flat configuration to fit comfortably and compactly into any home recycling bin. Cardboard has a fantastic recycling rate partnered with the ability for the material to be reused around 25 times without compromising the quality. This situates corrugated cardboard neatly into the circular economy that is essential in the creation of a green supply chain.

What Is the Best Ecommerce Packaging?

This depends on several factors such as the nature of the products being shipped, including size, shape and fragility, customer expectations, environmental considerations and your budget. 

Some popular options include: 
  • Padded mailers like our Kite mailers and Kite enviro mailers which provide cushioning and protection while keeping shipping costs down. These are perfect for small, lightweight items such as clothing, accessories, or books.
  • Corrugated mailer boxes. These are compact, lightweight and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cardboard boxes, great for shipping small items like cosmetics, electronics and jewellery.
  • Gummed paper tape dispensers which automatically release pre-moistened segments of gummed paper tape. Packers can seal high volumes of packages quickly without the hassle of manually cutting tape, streamlining the packaging process. 
For more solutions, why not browse our full range of ecommerce packaging.

Not sure which ecommerce packaging might be best for your business? Get in touch with our telesales team at 02476 420065. They will be able to advise on the packaging materials best for your needs and also provide samples for you to test out. 

Video: Ecommerce boxes
See our demonstration video on our quick and easy ecommerce boxes

Our 100% recyclable ecommerce boxes are the perfect solution for a wide range of industries. With their crash lock base, these boxes popup in seconds making the whole packing process quicker and more efficient. Once items are inside the box, simply fold the outer flaps inward and secure with their integrated peel-&-seal strip. They also feature a tear open strip so the receiver can easily access contents. Ecommerce boxes can be deconstructed back down for flat packed storage.