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10oz, 12oz & 16oz
  • Recyclable clear PET cups, lids and 3 ply paper straws
  • Sustainable low-cost solution for takeaway drinks
  • 45% recycled content cups, 100% recycled content lids
  • 3 ply striped paper straws also available
22oz pint to line cup
  • Virgin PP CE marked for alcohol use

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Plastic cups (plastic cups, lids and paper straws)

What is included in our plastic cup range?

At Kite, we supply four different sizes of cups including a large tumbler style suitable for pints. To accompany these containers, we supply four styles of lid to suit each size of cup. Choose from a flat lid with ridges to tightly secure to the cup with a scored X in the centre to insert a straw into, or the domed variety that has capacity for frothy drinks such as milkshakes or smoothies with a cut out circle for the straw. The straws are available in either a regular or large size with differing diameters and lengths in accordance with this.

Are the items environmentally friendly?

Each product within this range boasts excellent green credentials to enhance the social responsibility of your business while remaining a highly economic solution. The cups are made with 45% recycled content to create the clear PET while the single-use lids are manufactured from 100% recycled content. This slashes preconceptions of the harmfulness of takeaway packaging by promoting a circular economy of cost-effective plastic. After use, both drinks packaging products can be widely and cheaply recycled. For our straws, we use 3 ply paper rather than plastic to further reduce the environmental impact of your company. Please note that the PP cup, however, is made from virgin materials in order to conform to regulations regarding the safe serving of alcohol, but are still widely recyclable. For comprehensive advice on which plastics can and cannot be recycled, please browse our Recycling Guide to best inform your own customers.

What practical features does the range have?

The lids comprise of a simple yet highly effective design with a technically precise ridge that prevents leakage when properly attached to the cups. The domed style particularly benefits from this feature as drinks can be filled to the top without seeping through the sides, enabling retailers to stock aesthetic iced drinks complete with whipped cream or an assortment of other toppings. The clear PET and PP cups are strong and durable, reliably resisting the crumpling or dissolving that can occur when weaker or less moisture resistant materials are placed into contact with liquids.

What can the plastic cups be used for?

Our recyclable plastic cups are ideal containers for any type of cold beverage including soft drinks, smoothies or alcoholic drinks. This is thanks to the CE mark that certifies their suitability for use within licensed establishments such as pubs, restaurants, beer festivals and other such events where alcohol is served. The pint to line is at 20oz, complying to the laws on correct service. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for drinks vendors selling a large selection of refreshments and requiring a trustworthy, multi-purpose solution.