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  • 40gsm paper
  • Fully recyclable
  • White with red ‘thank you’ lettering at base
  • Greaseproof material
  • Available in three sizes

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Greaseproof Paper Bags

What are greaseproof paper bags?

Our paper food pouches are tailormade for containing hot food that may ordinarily transfer grease onto the consumer. These bags are manufactured from lightweight greaseproof material with an opening at the top to allow a customer to consume the contents while holding onto the exterior packaging, hence enabling a cleaner and more hygienic eating experience. One side of the opening is elongated to be folded over as a temporary covering should the food need to be transported within the user’s bag, for example. Supplied flat-packed, these pockets are very streamlined and compact solutions ideal for any street food seller where space conservation is a priority.

What can the food bags be used for?

Any foods prone to transferring grease or moisture are well-placed within one of our practical yet low-cost packaging bags. Hot street foods such as sausage rolls or pastries are an excellent example of a food that it is vital to have stored in a greaseproof outer layer. Sweets such as cookies or cakes are also perfectly complemented by Kite’s paper bags as these desserts can sometimes transfer moisture in certain conditions. By utilising our food bags, the customer avoids getting sticky fingers, aiding the convenience of their consumption, and the items themselves are protected from external dust or dirt, promoting optimal freshness. These factors enhance the overall experience a consumer has when purchasing and eating from your establishment, securing repeat sales and harbouring positive reviews.

What are the environmental qualities?

Our greaseproof paper bags are fully recyclable, even if they have been subject to surface staining. Guidelines advise that all solid food waste be removed from an object before it is left out for collection, but once this is done, these food pouches will be readily accepted. As a result, our greaseproof envelopes help to promote a circular economy that reduces the matter being directed to landfill. Consequently, your company can boast excellent green credentials while enjoying greater customer satisfaction.