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  • 100% recyclable and commercially compostable
  • FSC paper
  • Classic pizza box closure
  • Ventilation holes on lid to keep contents fresh

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Pizza boxes

What is a pizza box?

These food containers have a square design tailored toward a traditional circular pizza with enough height to avoid the lid touching the toppings. This construction keeps the food in the freshest condition possible while being transported as a takeaway meal. By opening the hinged lid, the tray also acts as a convenient serving option. The fluted corrugation guards against any grease seeping through the material, enabling the user to happily place the boxes on their lap or on a dining table.

What are the environmental specifications?

Kite’s pizza boxes can be fully recycled after use provided that no free moving food particles remain on the packaging. Surface staining is acceptable although customers must abide by recycling guidelines that do not allow any solid food waste to be passed into a recycling centre. However, our pizza boxes express excellent green credentials by also being completely commercially compostable. This means that the material can naturally break down into harmless organic matter in a maximum of 90 days when in a compost environment: the pinnacle of eco-friendly disposal methods.

What practical uses does this food packaging have?

The corrugated paper structure is key to protecting the contents of the box from the knocks and bumps that are unavoidable when delivering or transporting takeaway meals. By providing strong shock absorption, the pizza is kept in a condition as close as possible to how it was initially prepared. The hinged lid aids this end through telescopically fitting into the base to minimise movement within the box. Moreover, the sturdy corrugated kraft material acts as an insulator to help keep heat in alongside preventing grease or moisture from seeping out. These food containers are well-designed to make the takeaway pizza experience as pleasurable and problem-free as possible to secure repeat sales and establish a solid customer base for your business.