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  • Clear microwavable PP pots
  • Fully recyclable
  • Strong, waterproof material
  • Available in two dip sizes or three deli pot sizes
  • Ridged lid for security when transporting

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Plastic pots

What is a deli pot?

Our PP deli pots are small plastic containers used for a range of takeaway side dishes. The food tubs are available in three different sizes to suit products such as hummus or olives in addition to larger meals including fruit salads or other desserts. The snack pots supplied by Kite have accompanying lids that securely seal to allow liquid-based foods to also be safely packaged within these containers.

What is a dip pot?

The dip pots differ from the deli pots mainly in terms of size; these tubs are smaller, providing the perfect packaging for dips to complement an Indian takeaway, for example. These pots also come with a detachable lid to contain sauces in a leakproof manner, allowing the customer to transport them without spillages. Perfectly adapted toward takeaway meals, a dip pot can be filled with anything from gravy and curry sauce to a portion of jam for a postal delivery of cream tea.

What features do our plastic pots have?

All varieties of our plastic food and condiment pots are made from hard-wearing plastic with moisture resistance to reduce the chance of leakage. The rim of each pot perfectly matches up to the ridges found on the respective lid for a watertight fit. The shape of each version is curved and ergonomic for foods to be dipped into or spoons to scrape around the sides. These plastic tubs have been manufactured specifically for use by food establishments, particularly those in the takeaway sector and therefore have been designed with optimal hygiene and user-friendly application in mind.

What are the environmental credentials?

Each style of these PP pots is widely recycled, rendering this packaging a perfect addition to any eco-friendly business. As with any food packaging, it is important to be aware of the guidelines which outline what can and cannot be recycled: no 3-D, free moving food waste can be added to a recycling collection as this is marked as contamination. For comprehensive advice on which plastics can and cannot be recycled, please browse our Recycling Guide to best inform your own customers.