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  • Ideal for takeaway food
  • Low-cost, effective solution
  • Available in either birch wood or clear polystyrene
  • Wooden variety is 100% commercially compostable
  • For use with main meals, sides, desserts or hot drinks

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What is takeaway cutlery?

Our range of cutlery tailored toward takeaway food businesses fulfils the essential requirements of this industry by supplying a simple, low-cost solution designed to be safely disposed of after use. Made in either a birch wood or clear polystyrene, these products are compact and lightweight to promote user satisfaction in addition to enabling easy storage at the business end. At Kite, we have balanced the need for a functional tool to allow customers to fully enjoy their food while retaining optimal economic viability by making the cutlery only as durable as necessary for a single-use item. In the case of the wooden varieties, this accelerates the composting process whereas thicker, sturdier items would take longer.

What types of cutlery are available?

The full wooden collection includes forks, knives, a dessert spoon and a teaspoon to comprehensively supply a food and drinks establishment with a varied menu. These products are standard sizes, the exact dimensions of which are outlined in the product tables. Our plastic disposable cutlery range consists of forks, knives and spoons, hence, is perfect for eateries specialising in takeaway food.

Is the cutlery environmentally friendly?

The products composed of birch wood have been specifically designed as a sustainable alternative to plastic takeaway cutlery. They satisfy this eco-friendly requirement by being sourced ethically and boasting complete commercial composability. This means that the cutlery will break down into non-toxic, natural components that will not harm the environment. For comprehensive advice on which plastics can and cannot be recycled, please browse our Recycling Guide to best inform your own customers.