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  • 100% recyclable virgin food grade double walled paper cups
  • Lids manufactured from virgin food grade PS plastic
  • Perfect for hot or cold drinks
  • Paper cups available in three cup sizes with two accompanying lids

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Paper coffee cups

Kite offers a wide variety of food packaging to deliver your tasty treats and drool-worthy drinks into the hands of eagerly-awaiting customers. Stock up with our cost-effective, high quality disposable paper cups to keep up with the rising demand for takeaway drinks.

Our cardboard coffee cups, despite their name, are a versatile container and can be used for both hot and cold beverages. They are great for serving tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee, and mulled drinks to name just a few. 

As a perfect pairing of functionality and sustainability, these double-walled, ergonomic cups offer comfortability, durability and protection to your takeaway customers as they go about their day. The double wall corrugation insulates drinks so that customers can enjoy drinks for longer, doubling up as a protective feature which also keeps their hands safe. 

Kite’s disposable coffee cups are suitable for cafés, bakeries, takeaway businesses, street food stalls, Christmas markets and events. Buy in bulk to take advantage of our wholesale discounts, perfect for keeping overheads low and increasing your profit margins. 

Available to purchase in three different sizes with two accompanying lids. Kite’s cardboard coffee cups come in black for a sophisticated look, with a ‘caution: contents may be hot!’ warning. 

What are our disposable paper cups used for?

Our disposable paper coffee cups are ideal containers for primarily hot drinks such as tea or coffee although they are equally suitable for cold beverages. Takeaway food and drink businesses will benefit from the ergonomic design, durable paper construction and convenient matching lids. The cups are double walled to offer extra protection to hands when carrying hot drinks.

What does being virgin food grade mean for our takeaway coffee cups?

Virgin materials are previously unused raw resources that, in this case, are certifiably suitable for food due to the absence of any harmful chemicals that may contaminate consumables. This applies to both the paper cups and the plastic lids; they are both comprised of unprocessed materials for optimal hygiene and safety. ‘Food grade’ is a label used to describe any items that are safe to be in contact with food or drinks.

How can I recycle cardboard coffee cups?

Our cardboard drinks cups can be recycled in the same way as any other paper or card once the contents have been fully emptied out. Surface staining is acceptable but any liquid should be disposed of before recycling. For comprehensive advice on which plastics can and cannot be recycled, please browse our Recycling Guide to best inform your own customers.

Why buy disposable coffee cups at wholesale prices? 

Buying in bulk means you can enjoy our wholesale discounts and pay less for each disposable coffee cup. It’s great value for money, so, why not? 

Are paper coffee cups safe?

Paper coffee cups manufactured and used in the UK do not use HDPE or co-polymers of cellulose which means they are 100% safe and hygienic to use.

Are cardboard coffee cups better than plastic?

The biggest advantage of cardboard cups is that they are biodegradable and break down quickly without causing any harm to the environment, whereas plastic cups are the opposite. Both types can be recycled, hence feeding into a circular economy which is good for the planet. In terms of functionality, plastic cups can only contain cold drinks whereas paper cups are versatile and can contain both cold and hot drinks.