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  • General purpose gusseted brown paper bags with a block bottom
  • Ideal for loose retail products such as sweets, fruit, hardware and the fast food sector
  • Made from 70gsm brown recycled kraft paper for tear resistance and high quality presentation
  • Block bottom - base of bag is square - for extra support
  • Available in a range of sizes for different applications
  • Gusseted - see diagram for explanation

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What is a gusseted paper bag?

These general purpose paper bags are made from 70gsm brown recycled kraft paper. The design is simple yet highly convenient and low-cost, making them a staple packaging product for vendors across many industries.

The bags arrive flat packed for optimal space conservation whether behind a shop counter or in a stock room with expandable side gussets for generous packing capacities. View our diagram for a clear explanation of how this feature allows for considerably more items to be packed within the bag. The exact dimension of the bags, including the gusset allowance, is also detailed in our product table.

The block bottom grants the bag extra support when filled in addition to providing a stable base for you to quickly load a bag with products at a point of purchase.

What can a brown paper bag be used for?

These versatile paper bags are popular for a selection of loose retail products such as sweets, fruit, hardware or takeaway food orders. Convenience stores or grocery stalls will find them invaluable for reliably holding a range of goods at a very cheap unit price. For retailers seeking high quality packaging products at the lowest possible prices, we sell these gusseted brown paper bags wholesale for even greater savings.

Is a paper bag environmentally friendly?

Kite’s brown kraft paper bags are made from 60% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable after use, illustrating the smooth running of a circular economy. The 70gsm paper remains strong and robust to capably carry a range of retail products without tearing. The natural brown design reflects green credentials that boost the appeal of your brand in the shifting marketplace where eco-friendly packaging is highly prioritised.

Video: Brown paper bags demonstration video
A video overview of our brown paper bags

Our standard brown paper bags are available in two sizes, and both have a side gusset and block bottom.

Great for packed lunches and healthy snacks!