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  • Sustainable kraft paper construction
  • Fully recyclable base
  • PE lining for moisture and grease resistance
  • Transparent lid available to clearly display the contents
  • Microwavable base and lids (excluding 1300ml lid)
  • 1300ml lid not suitable for use with hot food

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Paper food bowls

Our paper food bowl is a versatile food container providing a sustainable method for delivering your tasty treats into the hands of hungry customers. Whether you choose to serve salads, noodles, ramen, curries, pasta, or rice in them, they are perfect for a vast selection of foods and are your go-to for deliveries and takeaways. 

Ideal for containing both hot and cold food, our cardboard food bowls are perfect for takeaway businesses, restaurants, delis, street food vendors and catered events such as festivals and food shows. They are also stackable and hence great for multiple order deliveries.  

The clear lid attractively showcases your menu to prospective customers in a spread or shopfront display. These microwave safe food bowls mean your customers can reheat their food, adding convenience to the overall experience of ordering from your business and also reducing food waste. 

Their exterior is manufactured from strong, sustainable kraft paper while the PE-lined interior protects against moisture and grease. This maintains the integrity of the container and, alongside the polypropylene lid, keeps food safe and prevents any leakages or spills. 

Available to purchase at competitive prices, reduce your outgoings further by taking advantage of our wholesale discounts. 

What is a paper food bowl?

A paper food bowl is a sustainable food carrier for takeaways and deliveries. Our kraft paper food bowls are the ideal salad bowls for fresh salads to be displayed for purchase within a shop or sent out for delivery. The exterior is manufactured from a strong and sustainable kraft paper while the inside is lined with a PE layer designed to block moisture or grease from seeping out of the packaging.

What can these disposable food bowls be used for ?

Kite’s food containers are suitable for hot or cool food approximately between the temperatures of -10C to 70C. The PE lining protects against moisture or grease, meaning that salad can be generously coated with dressings without the bowl disintegrating or becoming ineffective. Other dishes such as pasta with sauce can also be stored in this kraft packaging. The clear lid enables customers to view the contents before buying, making these boxes perfect for shop or café displays.

What varieties are available?

We supply four different sizes of this paper food bowl, with three corresponding lids so that these dishes can act as a main meal, side or dessert.

How can our cardboard bowls help your business?

The PE lining is an integral feature of Kite’s food bowls as this layer provides moisture and grease resistance, meaning that any liquid elements of the content stay securely inside the packaging. The kraft exterior aids this end due to its superior strength compared to other paper materials. Moreover, the container is microwave safe, enabling the user to conveniently heat up their food to amplify their enjoyment of your product and enhance their overall takeout experience.

Are our disposable food containers environmentally friendly?

The kraft construction is inherently eco-friendly and sustainable in its manufacture and is also recyclable after use. In order to be accepted for recycling, it is vital that the customer scrapes off any free moving food before disposal, however, surface staining is generally acceptable. The polypropylene lid is also widely recycled to further boost your company’s green credentials while lowering your impact on our planet.

What are the food bowls ideal for? 

Our sustainable food bowls are incredibly versatile and can be used to serve an array of foods, whether that be salads, pasta, stir fries, chicken, rice and much more. 

What size bowls do you go up to? 

We sell four sizes, with the largest size going up to 184 x 70mm. While the smaller sizes can serve sides and starters, the larger sizes are great for mains and desserts. 

Are our food bowls microwave safe? 

Our bowls and lids are microwave safe, excluding the 1300ml lid. 

Do paper food bowls work for soup?

Suitable for both dry and wet food, our kraft food bowls can be used for serving soup and other foods with liquid consistencies thanks to their inner PE lining. This grants resistance to moisture and heat, maintaining the integrity of the bowls for takeaway journeys. As mentioned above, our paper food bowls are microwavable so customers can also heat up their soups at home before digging in.