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  • Recyclable solid board burger boxes available in two specifications
  • Clamshell boxes: kraft material, hinged lid, lock-in tab
  • Premium boxes: sturdy corrugated design, ventilated hinged lid, commercially compostable
  • Sustainable packaging for fast food or restaurant takeaways
  • All of our burger boxes are 100% recyclable

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Burger boxes (clamshell & premium)

What is a clamshell box?

These solid board boxes are comprised of a unique clamshell style structure with a hinged lid. This lid features a lock-in tab that fits into the slit on the base of the box. This protects the contents and enables a user to stack other clamshell boxes atop for group takeaway orders. Manufactured from 225gsm kraft paper, this food packaging is strong, durable and unlikely to become crushed, crumpled or otherwise damaged while being transported.

What is a premium burger box?

Our premium corrugated burger boxes feature an innovative design that expands outwards into a plate or tray for comfortable consumption. The cardboard folds up with a square hinged lid that securely contains the food with holes at the top for ventilation. This keeps the produce fresh while it is in transit for the best tasting meal when it arrives at its destination. As the walls of the box collapse, there is plenty of space for dollops of sauce or sides without needing to be seated at a table. The sturdy corrugated board can sit on the user’s lap while eating outdoors with a reduced risk of spillage for ultimate convenience.

How environmentally friendly is the burger packaging?

Both varieties are 100% recyclable and made from FSC paper while the premium boxes are biodegradable and commercially compostable, which is often considered to be the optimal form of environmental disposal. It is worth noting that no 3-D food waste can be recycled, meaning that packaging must be scraped clean before being put out for recycling to avoid contamination of batches. Surface staining is acceptable but there must not be any attached or free moving food objects.

What can they be used for?

The unique structure of both the clamshell and premium burger boxes lend themselves to a range of food items although their primary use is burgers, as indicated by the name. Pies can also be served in these trays and the rectangular version of the corrugated box is perfectly sized for a burger and side, as illustrated in our photos. Salads with chicken or sides of chips also work well: overall, this packaging is a versatile solution for food places serving a varied menu.