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  • Cost-effective paper bags on a string, to allow hanging on hooks
  • Ideal for groceries, confectionery and hardware shops, market stalls and shop counters
  • Multi-use, ungusseted, single ply paper bags - strung in 250s or 100s
  • Choose from white sulphite 33gsm or brown kraft 37gsm paper bags
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to polythene

Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 10%.

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What is a strung paper counter bag?

These multi-use single ply paper bags are attached with a looped string in the top corner where they can be suspended on a hook for easy access. They are ungusseted to create a very compact, flat-packed silhouette suitable for even tight spaces behind a shop counter and till area. These design features make paper counter bags particularly useful for those looking for a fast and easy way to pack gifts at the point of sale while maintaining minimal outgoing costs.

What are the paper bag specifications?

Kite supply white sulphite 33gsm paper bags and brown kraft 37gsm paper bags. Both varieties are available in four different sizes to cater toward a range of different applications. The paper is single ply to fulfil its purpose of being an extremely cheap yet effective way of carrying products in a single use capacity. The strong kraft construction is tear resistant yet lightweight to support small to medium weight objects. This plastic-free packaging solution offers an eco-friendly alternative to polythene bags and can be widely recycled after use, enhancing customer satisfaction with their purchase.

How do I use a strung paper bag?

To release a bag, you can simply pull downwards to tear it off the string. It can then be easily filled with an assortment of general items such as groceries, baked goods, small tools or crafts. The looped string makes these bags very popular with convenience stores or market stalls that deliver fast-paced point of purchase packing. The simple and intuitive design of these bags makes them ideal for increasing efficiency.

If desired, the bags can be sealed with any of our reliable packaging tapes or clear circle labels to contain the contents.