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Folding lid
  • Recyclable, biodegradable and commercially compostable kraft boxes
  • Utilises a water based grease and water resistant coating
  • Four-flap integrated lid allows for safe stacking while protecting the contents from being crushed
Folding lid & clamshell
  • Features tab on lid for an easy closure
  • Suitable for a range of takeaway dishes - hot, cold, wet or dry foods

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Kraft takeaway boxes

The term ‘Kraft’ in these takeaway boxes comes from the kraft process of producing paper or paperboard from a chemical pulp. Paper produced in this process has high elasticity and tear resistance, lending itself well to packaging products and giving them the desired strength and durability required for protecting goods in transit.

Kite’s sturdy yet lightweight kraft takeaway boxes are a great addition to any kitchen whether it be restaurants, cafés, takeaway businesses or street food stalls. Available in nine sizes, our versatile kraft takeout containers are well suited to holding a range of foods. They also cater to different portion sizes and can be used to package starters, mains, sides and desserts. Our multipurpose food packaging is great for a range of fast food areas, providing the perfect fish and chips box, deli boxes or packaging for Chinese and street food to name a few. 

Eight of our sizes come with a four-flap integrated lid while the largest size, best for containing meals such as fish and chips or kebabs, has a clamshell design with a hinged lid. 

Our kraft takeaway boxes arrive stacked for easy storage and will fit perfectly under counters or in stockrooms. No assembly is required. To use, simply add food, fasten the easy to secure latch and your food package is ready to deliver. 

These kraft takeaway boxes are food grade, ensuring safe use with both and hot and cold food. Our storage facilities have been given an AA+ rating for BRC accreditation, ensuring our food packaging is stored in a warehouse with the highest food-grade standards.

These kraft takeaway boxes are available to purchase on a pallet so you can enjoy our wholesale discounts.

Noodle Boxes 

Our sturdy noodle boxes with a square base, also known as Chinese takeaway boxes, Chinese food boxes and Wok boxes, are designed specifically for packaging and serving noodle-based dishes.

They are available in two sizes, with the larger-sized container tailored to accommodate generous portions of noodles, or other dishes such as noodle soup, lo mein, pad Thai and more. The smaller noodle boxes are great for serving sides and desserts.

Crafted from durable kraft solid board, our kraft noodle boxes have exceptional strength, granting the capability to securely hold hot and saucy foods without the risk of leaking or collapsing. The square base design enhances stability, offering convenience for on-the-go consumption.

These Chinese noodle boxes are versatile, practical and suitable for both hot and cold dishes, as well as wet and dry foods. Their leak-resistant and microwavable properties ensure hassle-free handling and reheating, while the interlocking folding lids help retain heat, keeping contents hotter for longer and well contained.

Crafted from natural brown unbleached kraft board, these takeaway noodle boxes are environmentally friendly and embrace sustainability. With their eco-conscious design, you can feel good about reducing your environmental footprint while delighting your customers with flavourful cuisines.

Elevate your dining experience with our square noodle boxes, the perfect blend of functionality, style and sustainability. Pair them with other products from our food packaging range, such as our eco-friendly wooden cutlery and paper carrier bags.

Explore our mix and match food packaging which allows you to order multiple food packaging items on a single pallet to benefit from trade discounts. Say goodbye to ordering separate pallets per product to access the same discounts!

What is a takeaway box?

These greaseproof takeaway boxes are carefully constructed to contain most types of food without allowing any grease or water to penetrate through the material. The tapered structure presents the food comfortably for consumption while attractively displaying the dish. The sturdy four-flap integrated folding lid enables the user to stack the boxes safely while reliably protecting the contents from being crushed, ideal for transporting multiple takeaways to customers.

What types of food do our kraft takeaway boxes hold?

These takeaway trays can securely contain hot, cold, wet or dry foods. Hence, they are suitable for virtually all types of takeaways, from Chinese noodle dishes to juicy fruit salads. Our range of different sizes enable companies to pack main meals or side orders within these kraft containers, even loading potentially leak-prone dishes such as salads with dressing or pasta courses with sauce. These boxes are excellent all-rounders, making them ideal for establishments supplying food from a large and varied menu with maximum efficiency. 

What are the properties of our kraft food boxes?

The main features of our takeaway container include the leak-resistant design, greaseproof material and stackable structure. Each of these qualities support the smooth functioning of any food distributor operating in the ecommerce or takeaway market. The water based coating is a key aspect that grants this professional level of protection to the contents while in transit to the consumer. In addition, the boxes are intended to be breathable and odourless for the freshest possible impression on arrival. Customers have asked us if our Kraft takeout containers are suitable for home freezing. Our manufacturer has not formally tested for this and so our recommendation is that customers request a single sample of the product and trial it first.

Are kraft boxes recyclable?

Our kraft recyclable takeaway boxes offer exceptional green credentials to your business by also being biodegradable and commercially compostable. However, it is important to note that any food waste that is free moving within packaging or attached to the surface is considered to be contamination that prohibits an item from being recycled. Simply ask your customers to scrape takeout boxes clean before recycling as normal; surface staining is acceptable.

Why is sustainable kraft packaging important?

Traditional food packaging depletes natural resources and is harmful to the planet when it is not disposed of responsibly. Sustainable food packaging, on the other hand, demands less use of natural resources and promotes a circular economy where materials are recycled and reused instead. Most importantly, it reduces the negative environmental impact caused by packed food and those who sell it. Not to mention, using eco-friendly food packaging makes your business more attractive to consumers becoming increasingly eco-conscious. 

What are the benefits of kraft boxes? 

Beyond being an eco-friendly packaging choice, kraft takeaway boxes have considerable benefits which lend well to the needs of takeaway packaging. As kraft paper is known for its strength and durability, it can withstand rough handling and protects contents from damage. Kraft takeaway boxes also offer great protection against moisture, light and minor impacts, ensuring your takeaway meals reach customers safely.  

Many consumers appreciate the brown, rustic appearance of kraft paper as it gives products a natural and organic look. This appeals to consumers who appreciate the eco-friendliness of kraft packaging, which can enhance the overall perception of your brand and everything it has to offer. 

What’s more, kraft paper is typically more affordable than some other packaging materials, making our brown food boxes a cost-effective option for businesses, especially when packaging large quantities of takeaways. 

What does kraft mean for boxes? 

The term “kraft” refers to a type of paper or cardboard typically brown in colour which has been treated with a chemical process known as the “kraft process.” This process removes the lignin from the wood fibres, resulting in a strong and sturdy paper material which makes kraft boxes the go-to choice for many retailers and food vendors. 

Need more food packaging? Why not explore the rest of our eco-friendly takeaway food packaging range, you're bound to find something you need.  We offer free standard UK delivery on orders over £100 and next day delivery if you need your packaging sooner. As the UK’s leading online supplier of packaging, we have offer highly competitive, market-beating prices as well as wholesale discounts if buying bulk.