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Folding lid
  • Recyclable, biodegradable and commercially compostable kraft boxes
  • Utilises a water based grease and water resistant coating
  • Four-flap integrated lid allows for safe stacking while protecting the contents from being crushed
Folding lid & clamshell
  • Features tab on lid for an easy closure
  • Suitable for a range of takeaway dishes - hot, cold, wet or dry foods

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Kraft takeaway boxes

What is a takeaway box?

These angled boxes are carefully constructed to contain most types of food without allowing any grease or water to penetrate through the material. The tapered structure presents the food comfortably for consumption while attractively displaying the dish. The sturdy four-flap integrated lid enables the user to stack the boxes safely while reliably protecting the contents from being crushed, ideal for transporting multiple takeaways to customers.

What types of food can be packaged?

These cartons can securely contain hot, cold, wet or dry foods. Hence, they are suitable for virtually all types of takeaways, from Chinese noodle dishes to juicy fruit salads. Our range of different sizes enable companies to pack main meals or side orders within these kraft containers, even loading potentially leak-prone dishes such as salads with dressing or pasta courses with sauce. These boxes are excellent all-rounders, making them ideal for establishments supplying food from a large and varied menu with maximum efficiency.

What are the properties of these food cartons?

The main features of our takeaway container include the leak-resistant design, greaseproof material and stackable structure. Each of these qualities support the smooth functioning of any food distributor operating in the ecommerce or takeaway market. The water based coating is a key aspect that grants this professional level of protection to the contents while in transit to the consumer. In addition, the boxes are intended to be breathable and odourless for the freshest possible impression on arrival. Customers have asked us if our Kraft takeaway boxes are suitable for home freezing. Our manufacturer has not formally tested for this and so our recommendation is that customers request a single sample of the product and trial it first.

Are the boxes environmentally friendly?

Our kraft takeaway boxes offer exceptional green credentials to your business by being recyclable, biodegradable and commercially compostable. However, it is important to note that any food waste that is free moving within packaging or attached to the surface is considered to be contamination that prohibits an item from being recycled. Simply ask your customers to scrape the box clean before recycling as normal; surface staining is acceptable.