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  • Strong, good quality kraft paper bags with handles
  • Available in brown or white, ideal for various types of retail presentation
  • Made from 90gsm kraft paper, ethically sourced from sustainable forests
  • Available in a range of sizes from small to extra large to suit a variety of purposes
  • Pack quantities of 250 and below, ideal for smaller businesses
  • Dimensions: base length x base width x height

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What is a tape handle paper carrier bag?

These paper bags have a taped handle for strong and convenient carrying from a range of retail shops. They are made from extremely durable 90gsm kraft paper that is designed to be sturdy and strong enough to withstand general use, ensuring that all products arrive safely at their destination. These versatile containers are available in either brown or white to suit the aesthetics of your specific establishment; brown tend to be popular with our takeaway customers while the white variety are commonly used with clothing companies and homeware retailers.

How are paper bags eco-friendly?

These tape handle carrier bags express excellent green credentials for a number of reasons. Firstly, the kraft method of paper manufacture omits excessive bleaching, rendering it a less energy intensive and consequently, more sustainable way of making the material. The carrier bags also boast superior strength for this reason. Furthermore, they are widely recyclable kerbside, encouraging a more circular economy that supports the preservation of resources. Paper bags have a long history as a reliable packaging option for retailers and have recently seen a surge in sales following the increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Contrary to plastic bags, these products can be sent to recycling plants rather than landfill, where the material can be easily reused.

What sizes are available?

At Kite, we offer four sizes with dimensions as displayed in our product table: namely, small, medium, large and extra-large. With pack sizes of 250 and below, it is easy to stock up on only as much as you need making this packaging perfect for small businesses or market stall holders. The block bottom and gusseted sides increase the capacity of the bags while allowing them to stand up on their own for easy packing.

Dimensions are displayed in the format of: base length x base width x height.

Video: Tape handle paper carrier bags demonstration video
Demonstrating how our paper bags with handles can be used as an alternative to plastic carrier bags

Our paper bags with handles are available in brown and white, and in a variety of sizes.

They have a side gusset and block bottom, as well as loop style handles.

These strong, recyclable paper bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags, and are ideal for groceries.