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  • 32gsm bleached white paper
  • Commercially and domestically compostable
  • Greaseproof to prevent leaks and mess when holding food
  • Arrives as pre-cut sheets for efficient packing
  • Available in three sizes for different products
  • 480 sheets per ream

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What is greaseproof paper?

Kite’s greaseproof paper wrapping sheets have a 32gsm thickness and are bleached white for a clean, hygienic appearance that lends itself to food packaging. Three pre-cut sheet sizes are available to fit the dimensions of your products and provide rapid packing for pressurized point of purchase sales or busy kitchens that cater toward takeaway deliveries, for example. The paper is made from a sulphite pulp with fibres that have been thoroughly beaten to produce a closed structure which grants the product its resistance to oils and fats. It is worth noting that when it comes into contact with water, these properties disappear.

What are greaseproof paper sheets used for?

Any moist or potentially greasy food products will benefit hugely from a greaseproof paper wrapping sheets to prevent these liquids from seeping onto the customer’s hands when eating. This prevents the food itself from becoming dry in addition to making the process cleaner and more enjoyable for the consumer. Greaseproof paper is also ideal for lining postal boxes or pizza boxes when delivering takeaway orders or shipping goods across the country. Whether you sell brownies and baked goods or freshly baked sausage rolls and pastries, the greaseproof quality will prevent moisture from permeating through the surface. Moreover, the contents are reliably protected from external dust or dirt which may otherwise contaminate the food, thus promoting optimal freshness of the goods. These sheets of greaseproof paper are not limited to this function, they can also be used as baking paper sheets. 

Is greaseproof paper environmentally friendly?

Our greaseproof paper sheets are able to be composted by the end user themselves domestically. Compostability is the highest standard of sustainability as the product is broken down into organic, harmless compounds that actively benefit the soil. The output of a compost bin can be used as fertiliser to aid the growth of plants, thus encouraging the flourishing of our natural environment. Read more about the difference between compostability and biodegradability here so that you can best advise and inform your own customers.

Why buy greaseproof paper wrapping sheets in bulk?

Buying our greaseproof paper sheets in bulk means you can take advantage of our wholesale discounts and pay less for each unit you buy. 

Video: Greaseproof paper sheets
See our demonstration video on our 100% compostable paper sheets

Our comprehensive range of greaseproof paper sheets offers a presentable layer of protection. These are available in three different sizes.