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  • Recyclable and microwavable base and lid
  • Two designs available: black base with detached clear lid and clear container with hinged lid
  • Durable plastic ideal for transportation
  • Different capacities ranging from 500ml-1300ml
  • Four sizes suitable for main meals or sides

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Microwavable plastic containers

What is microwavable plastic?

Both styles of our takeaway trays are made from polypropylene with the largest size consisting of a black base and clear lid while the rectangular food box features a fully transparent construction. As they are resistant to heat, these containers are safe for use in a microwave and will not become warped. PP is a lightweight and hygienic choice for packaging and preparing food, boasting cost-efficiency and practical effectivity.

What can these takeaway trays be used for?

Our clear food trays are complete with a hinged lid and are ideal vessels for many forms of main meal or side dish ensembles that require heating in a microwave before consumption. The generous domed dimensions allow for small to large single portions, perfect for ‘on-the-go’ food. In terms of appropriate food content, your business could supply anything from pre-prepared curries to servings of loaded fries; anything that would benefit from heating at home or work to be enjoyably eaten for lunch or dinner.

The black based boxes feature a detachable clear lid and are specifically designed for a range of large main microwavable meals.

What are the technical features?

Both styles are equipped with a tight form-fitting lid with ridges designed to securely fasten onto the base. This aids a leak-free transportation. While the clear containers have a hinged lid and the roast dinner trays have a detachable lid, both feature an easy open tab to increase user satisfaction with their purchase. The lid and base of all styles and sizes are microwave safe.

What are the environmental qualities?

All elements of the microwavable packaging are recyclable, granting these takeaway trays strong green credentials. In order to be accepted for recycling, it is important for customers to be told to scrape all three-dimensional food waste from the surface of the plastic. Free moving food is also classed as contamination although surface staining can be accepted. For comprehensive advice on which plastics can and cannot be recycled, please browse our Recycling Guide to best inform your own customers.