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  • 3 ply paper straws
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • 120gsm/120gsm/60gsm
  • Alternating stripe design
  • Available in large or regular sizes

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Paper straws

What are paper straws?

Paper straws are sustainable alternatives to plastic straws, helping to reduce the risk of non-biodegradable packaging ending up in our waterways and damaging our wildlife. A strong paper is wrapped around itself to form the straw’s structure and enable your company to display social responsibility while delivering takeaway drinks.

Are paper straws effective?

Our straws are made from a durable 3 ply paper with 120gsm to offer the optimal degree of strength balanced with cost-effectivity to suit the purpose of takeaway packaging. These straws have been manufactured to capably transfer liquids without disintegrating in a single-use capacity. As such, they are excellent eco-friendly options for street vendors, takeaway cafes, bars or other similar establishments.

What are the environmental qualities?

These straws were designed with environmental consciousness as an alternative to plastic. As such, they are both recyclable and biodegradable to enable responsible disposal by the customer. Paper straws are recognisably eco-friendly, boosting the green credentials of your business and elevating customer satisfaction without sacrificing functionality.