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  • Recycled PET material and 100% recyclable plastic bowls
  • Translucent allowing easy viewing of contents inside
  • Hinged lid for convenience
  • Excellent containers for salads, sides or desserts

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Plastic food bowls

What is a plastic food bowl?

Our PET bowls are clear plastic tubs suitable for cold food that come complete with a hinged lid. The lid features a ridge around the circumference to securely fit onto the base and minimise the chance of leakage or the salad box popping open during transit. At Kite, we offer smaller squared versions alongside some longer rectangular boxes depending on the dish being contained and the chosen presentation.

What can the food container be used for?

The transparent construction grants the food an aesthetic quality; dishes such as layered granola, yoghurt and fruit are able to be presented fully rather than merely having a visible birds eye view. As such, these takeaway bowls are perfect on a shop floor ready to be picked up and sold to a customer. Yet, the secure integrated lid also equips these plastic tubs to being transported as takeaway foods. The five sizes expand the possibilities to cater toward main salad meals, pasta pots, side portions or cold desserts.

What are the benefits of our PET food bowls?

These containers combine excellent strength with a lightweight feel perfectly suited to comfortable consumption and economic transportation. PET is a technically effective and cost-efficient packaging solution that satisfies the needs of takeaway packaging well. When not in use, these food tubs are easily stackable to conserve space and increase their overall convenience.

Are the tubs environmentally friendly?

This recycled PET, referred to as rPET, is fully sustainable since it originates from reused materials and is able to be recycled again after use, illustrating the ideal execution of a circular economy. By being fed back into a recycling plant to be made into new products time and time again, Kite’s salad bowls do not contribute in any way to landfill and the associated pollution or the risks posed should plastics enter our oceans or waterways. It is important for consumers to make sure that no food waste remains either free moving within the bowl or attached to the surface when put out for recycling as this is considered to be contamination. However, a simple scraping off of any residue is all that is required to prepare the product to be properly recycled; surface staining is acceptable, it is only 3-D remnants that must be removed. For comprehensive advice on which plastics can and cannot be recycled, please browse our Recycling Guide to best inform your own customers.